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Sketchbook to Pattern // Mitten Knitting Party

Mitten Knitting Party | Design by Sara Curtis | Radiant Home Studio

Originally, I was inspired to create this pattern for the Spoonflower “Mittens Gift Wrap” competition. Winter weather always causes me to pick up my knitting needles and wool yarn again (though I haven’t attempted mittens yet!) Snowflakes, “warm woolen mittens”, and bamboo knitting needles make this cozy pattern feel like a mitten knitting party!

The mittens are traced from my original hand-drawn sketches, so they have an organic, imperfect shape. Little Nordic snowflakes are layered under the mittens.

I’ve updated this pattern design a couple of times since this original post. The colors are more muted and give the pattern a warm winter feel. I also have a cool blue and green version available in my Spoonflower shop.

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Sketchbook to Pattern // Farm Truck

Recently, I went back and updated a bunch of my early surface designs. My skills have grown and my style has emerged more clearly. I’ve left my original design below so you can see the difference that a few years can make, but check out my Spoonflower shop now to see the change!

Sketch to Pattern | Far Trucks | Radiant Home Studio

I love peeking into other people’s sketchbooks for design inspiration. This was for the Spoonflower “Farmer’s Market” fabric of the week competition. My inspiration came from photos of vintage farm trucks and stylish market booth setups.

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2014 Wildflower Tea Towel Calendar

I participated in Spoonflower’s 2014 Tea Towel Calendar contest this year. This seems to be one that many of the designers look forward to and tea towels seem to be one of their best selling items. I received my order a few days ago and the design is now for sale in my Spoonflower shop.

2014 Tea Towel Calendar | Radiant Home Studio

The dark blue prints as a true navy blue on the linen-cotton canvas. The other colors printed very true to the colors on the screen. I wanted to design something that I would hang in my own kitchen, but also something classic enough that my mom would enjoy it too. It’s a little bit modern and little bit classic.

Need some hostess gifts for those holiday parties or something inexpensive for gift exchanges at the office? You can order a yard of fabric, with four towels, for less than $30. The edges are unfinished, but I’ll show you how you can hem them easily.

This is easy enough for a beginner. If you can thread your machine and sew a straight line, then you can do this!

Start with navy thread, which will blend in making uneven stitches less obvious.

Trim around the edges. The blue border is about just over 1 inch. If you order a yard of fabric with 4 towels, just mark the center of the blue border and cut there. Cutting with a rotary cutter and mat makes the most even edges, but scissors and a steady hand will work as well.

Hemming a Tea Towel |Radiant Home Studio

To hem, fold over and press 1/4 inch and then 1/4 inch again. I also folded and pressed mine a third time so that I could see where my fold line was when stitching from the front. Unfold that third section before stitching and use the pressed line to make sure you get all of the edges stitched down.

Pressing Hem Fold | Radiant Home Studio

The fabric can get pretty thick at the corners with all of those folds, but when I used a heavy duty needle I ended up with big ugly puncture marks. So, lesson learned—use a sharp universal needle.

If you want to add a hang tag, cut a piece of twill tape or ribbon (about 4-5 inches long, with angled edges) and tuck it under the fold as you are stitching.

Tea Towel Hang Tag | Radiant Home Studio

Stitch near the blue border edge along the long sides. Then do the same along the top and bottom.

How to hem a Tea Towel | Radiant Home Studio

That’s it! Hang it up on the wall or start using it!

Tea Towel Calendar Wall Hanging | Radiant Home Studio

Finished Tea Towel Calendar | Radiant Home Studio

If this isn’t your style, there are dozens more beautiful designs at Spoonflower you can check out.