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Design Summer School

I’m taking a break from sewing this week to improve my design skills. I’m drawn to surface pattern design, particularly textile design, and I’d love to polish my skills and develop my style more.

Impulse Retro Geometric |Make it In Design Summer School | Radiant Home Studio|

I’ve considered trying to do the “Make It in Design” or “Make Art That Sells” workshops for a long time, but hesitated because of the expense. When I saw that Make It In Design was planning a free design “Summer School” program, I jumped at the chance to try their classes and “meet” other people with similar interests.

So far, I have not been disappointed! I received 2 design briefs and have completed the first. I have enjoyed seeing all of the process photos and tips from other designers as they share bits of their work on Facebook and Instagram.

Retro Geometric Swimwear Mock-up | Make It IN Design Summer School | Radiant Home Studio

The theme was Retro Geometric and the goal was to create a design that would work as swimwear. One of the keywords they threw in was “tropical”, so I added a little bit of floral to my geometric design. I may be pushing the definition of  “geometric” but the design didn’t seem finished until I added the flowers.

Triangle Block Print | MIID Summer School | Radiant Home Studio

To give the design some texture, I carved a stamp to use as the base for the design. I scanned it, put it in repeat, and reworked a watercolor flower I had painted a few months ago to fit the color palette.

And here’s a peek at what I’ve been sketching for the 2nd brief…

Seahorse Sketch | MIID Summer School | Radiant Home Studio

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  1. Cindy says:

    How fun! I may have to check this out. Looks like fun and your creations turned out great! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Cindy

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