Fabric Design

New Fabric Designs at Spoonflower

I just ordered some swatches of fabric designs from the past few months. I’m slowly making them available in my Spoonflower shop as I make the final sizing and color adjustments.

Here are a few of the new fabric designs I have in my shop. You can also order the designs as removable wallpaper, or satin or matte gift wrap.

New Spoonflower Fabric Designs | Radiant Home Studio

On the top left is the seahorse print I designed last summer. I thought it would be a good time to make it available for summer beach house decorating. On the top right is a calligraphy design with literary themed words. It’s simple and clean, and I think it would make great gifts for English teachers, librarians, and book lovers.

On the lower left is a design called “feathered nest.” The flow of the design is really nice when you zoom out, so I keep imagining it as wallpaper on an accent wall. Finally, the bottom right is a design I did for the Spoonflower fishing flies contest. I painted the flies with watercolors while the kids were busy painting their own masterpieces next to me. The watercolor effect comes across nicely in the printing as well.

There are several more coming, so keep checking back!