Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

Thank you! This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Kath, Jennifer, and Emily!

It’s another Sew Mama Sew giveaway day! It’s so much fun to see comments roll in all week. Plus, I love giving away free sewing patterns!

If you are new here, let me tell you a few things about myself and my site! I’m a homeschooling mother of 6. I love to sew, but I’m constantly trying new creative projects….everything from decorating and building furniture, to fabric design.

Since the last giveaway I have released a pattern for the Fairport Purse & Pouch. This pretty purse or pouch can hold anything from cosmetics to your daily shopping essentials. The smaller size is just right for organizing small items and also works well as a clutch. The larger size will hold your wallet and a few basics. It comes with 2 size options, 3 closure options, and 2 carrying options.

Fairport Purse & Pouch Pattern | Radiant Home Studio

My most popular pattern is the Retro Rucksack!

Retro Rucksack | Radiant Home Studio

If you have never visited before, take a look at my tutorials and things I’ve made pages to see what I like to sew. This year, I started a series of posts called “Tote Bag Upgrade” with monthly tutorials for turning a plain canvas bag into a modern accessory. I’ve also joined the Betz White Sewing Collective as a regular contributor!

Spring 2015 Makes| Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day | Radiant Home Studio

I write a monthly newsletter which includes a short personal update and links to my favorite projects and articles. And I include updates on my most popular posts, new patterns, and occasional coupon codes. I’d love it if you would sign up!

So now for the fun!

I’m giving away sewing patterns to 3 winners. Each winner will be allowed to choose one pattern they would like from my shop.

fairport pattern cover 650 Retro Rucksack PDF Sewing Pattern | Radiant Home Studio

Water Bottle Tote PDF Sewing Pattern | Radiant Home Studio Coastal Tote PDF Sewing Pattern | Radiant Home Studio

To Enter the Giveaway:

• leave a comment for 1 free entry (please include your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win)

• each person may submit two total entries (one comment answering the question, and another comment telling me that you follow on instagramfacebooktwitter, or bloglovin)

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• this giveaway is open to international entries (but please keep in mind that you are responsible for following contest laws in your country)

• giveaway starts May 6th at 9am EST and ends May 10th, 8pm EST

• winners will be chosen from comment numbers using a

• PDF pattern will be e-mailed to the winners within 2 days

• chances of winning vary depending on the number of entries, but is estimated at 1/200

• if you buy a pattern this now and win, your payment will be refunded!

Please leave a comment answering the question:

What makes you decide to buy a sewing pattern? Pictures, recommendations, or price? Something else?

Thank you for all of you comments! The winners were chosen using 

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day Winners | Radiant Home Studio

329 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

  1. Penny says:

    Ohhh I love your bags, they are beautiful!

  2. Audrey says:

    Oooh, your patterns are lovely! 🙂

  3. Megan P says:

    These bags are great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Fran Bott says:

    What makes me buy a pattern? Well seeing more than one picture usually seals the deal for me. Buy seeing several peoples interpretation of a pattern allows me to see many possibilities and gets my ideas going. That is when I decide to buy most patterns.

  5. Margaret Schindler says:

    I love your bags. I hope to win one of your patterns

  6. Margaret Schindler says:

    I am your follower on Instagram as marg1950

  7. Fran Bott says:

    I follow on Bloglovin – grammygeek.

  8. amy says:

    Love that Coastal Tote!

  9. amy says:

    The design and difficulty of the pattern influences me the most-I follow on Bloglovin.

  10. Rebekah S. says:

    The pictures definitely are the thing that makes me buy patterns. Good pictures. With good lighting.

  11. KT says:

    Looks like you have some great bag patterns–thanks for the chance to win one!

  12. Sandra Timmons says:

    When I see a pattern I like, I look to see what it looks like inside as well as the outside. How much does it cost and does it seem easy to make for myself? Thank you for being a part of Sew Mama Sew Giveaway and the chance to win. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    Sandi TImmons

  13. Umaesew says:

    I purchase a pattern based on the picture of the design and whether or not I would make the item. Thank you for the giveaway and I love your Retro Rucksack.

  14. Umaesew says:

    Following you on Instagram (fabricstasher24).

  15. djajounette says:

    your patterns are lovely, I wonder if I’m skilled enough to make one properly….

  16. Catherine in MI says:

    Your new purse is shown in one of my favorite fabrics. Love that Horner print! I would probably choose your coastal tote if lucky enough to win — love those handles!

  17. Catherine in MI says:

    I follow you on Twitter. @cath_marissa

  18. Stephanie says:

    Well I am a reviewer so I read the reviews and really like easy to follow patterns. I am more visual so I like one with step by step illustrations.

  19. Janey Cook says:

    Love you bag patterns, Great instructions.

  20. Dita says:

    Soooo many things go into considerations. First of all, I see the picture, does it look like a project that I want to do? Next I see if it is doable within my sewing skill. Then the price, is it just right or too expensive?
    After considering all that, I always try to find reviews before I buy the pattern!

  21. Dita says:

    I’m an Instagram follower!

  22. Janey Cook says:

    Pictures and recommendations and, sometimes, price are all considerations I use when selecting a pattern.

  23. Alyson says:

    Lovely patterns!

  24. Janey Cook says:

    I am a blog’lovin’ follower of yours.

  25. Barbara says:

    I make a decision to buy a pattern based on filling a need I may have first, then on the bag’s style by looking for something unique or interesting about it. I like to get off the beaten path, and I love to make bags to express my creativity in a variety of ways. They are my palette and my canvas! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  26. Barbara says:

    I do follow this blog on Bloglovin for inspiration!

  27. Andrea says:

    Pictures & very clear technique/skill level requirement are my major deciding factors.

  28. Jess says:

    I look closely at any technical drawings/photographs to make sure the design is exactly what I’m looking for.

  29. Becca says:

    It’s a combination. It has to look professional, it’s a bonus if it’s also available in print format because that makes the shop seem more legitimate (even though I prefer PDF). I like patterns that are extensive with clear pictures and explanations of techniques. If I know the creator does extensive testing, I’m more likely to buy it (as evidenced by the supplemental photos of the bag or whatever in different fabric, or as outlined elsewhere on their site). And, it’s obviously more appealing if the fabric choices are my taste. Also, I’m less likely to spend more than $9 if I’m unsure (sales help!). If it costs more than $9, I’d need to see that it’s a popular and successful pattern (via social media), or be blown away by the design. I once bought a pattern for a playhouse on Etsy, and it’s really long with lots of pictures, but was so convoluted. I’m more careful now. Your rucksack bag looks so cute!!

  30. Kristin H says:

    What great bag patterns! I love the pictures you have with each of them, it’s great to have a good image of what they’ll look like when complete.

  31. PEGGY PHILLIPS says:

    Hi – I love your patterns. I buy a pattern based mostly on the pictures.

  32. PEGGY PHILLIPS says:

    HI again – I follow you on Facebook.

  33. Deanna Bushman says:

    The picture of a pattern gets my attention first, then I will look at the difficulty. I’m a beginner at sewing so easy is GOOD! I would give one of your bags a go though! They are great!!! I follow you on facebook 🙂

  34. Tine says:

    Actually, I check all those things before I buy a pattern, although the price isn’t a deal breaker for me. Good pictures and good reviews and recommendations are more important to me. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  35. Tine says:

    I follow you on Instagram!

  36. Marjorie says:

    The picture is what I first notice. Then I look at the pattern details. I love your patterns! Thanks for the give-away!

  37. Victoria says:

    Usually I have an insatiable craving to create a specific garment, bag, or household item. Then I look online for the pattern closest to my vision. Rarely do I make a pattern without my personal revisions for style, ease of use, or my intermediate skill level.

  38. Victoria says:

    I am a Facebook follower.

  39. Ilana says:

    I love your bags. They’re really beautiful.

  40. Heather Whitehouse says:

    I love your bags!!!! I’d love to win, but I will be making a purchase regardless! I Love Love Love that Retro Rucksack!! The Coastal tote too!!! All of them!!! Can you tell I’m excited?? So glad to have found come across your site!

  41. Michelle N says:

    I have never purchased a pattern. I tend towards free patterns or making it up on my own. But if I really loved a pattern I would buy it. But I won’t pay an exorbitant price. Your patterns are great!

  42. Rosemary Doherty says:

    Something that is recommended by others is usually what sways me.

  43. Erika says:

    The Retro Rucksak looks really cute and useful.

  44. Monica says:

    Pictures followed very closely by price. If the price is too high I won’t buy it no matter how cute it is.

  45. Kath S says:

    Here’s how I decide to buy a pattern: first, the colors in the photo draw me in, followed by a closer look to see if (1) I like the pattern and (2) can I make it with my current skill set (is the pattern rated?); other considerations: does the quilt’s finished size work as written, are size options offered, does it (1) work as written, are other sizes offered (or will I have to calculate), do I have the necessary ingredients on hand, am I likely to use the pattern more than once, pattern price, and finally whether I could find something offered free on-line or in one of my books or magazines as a free pattern.

  46. Monica says:

    I follow you on Instagram.

  47. Tatiana says:

    Nice patterns, thanks for the giveway!

  48. Tatiana says:

    I already follow you on Bloglovin

  49. Laura says:

    Follow on FB. First time I’ve seen you so look forward to it.

  50. Laura says:

    When I am looking at patterns , especially ones like yours (ie bags), I look first for the style and then I try to figure out about the construction and directions. It’s not fun to buy a pattern and find that it’s impossible to put together! I will sometimes read reviews to see what others have thought about the pattern.

  51. Kathy says:

    When I see a pattern that I like (and that looks to be within my sewing/quilting abilities) I get VERY interested. But price and shipping do play a small part as well. Plus I like to get something different than what I already own. Love your rucksack! kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  52. Shannon Phillips says:

    I love the Fairport Purse and Pouch…and the Retro Rucksack!

  53. Shannon Phillips says:

    I like your Facebook page.

  54. Kim Johnson says:

    I look for size in bags. I am not one for very large bags. I also like something with lots of pockets.

  55. Kath S says:

    I follow you via Bloglovin.

  56. Leo says:

    it’s a mixture – mostly it’s by recommendation. But in the way of someone shows off their newest thing (in peron) and I say I want to have one too and then they say what pattern they used.
    Sometimes I want to make something and I go and look for a pattern specifically, but that often ends in frustration as I’m really not good at guessing dimensions – so things then end up smaller/bigger than I thought …
    In the first cas I’m willing to pay good money in the second I’m vary – if the price is low and I will buy it anyway not be too mad if it doesn’t work out and not be happy if it does…

  57. hanke says:

    Love to make bags, lovely patterns! Thanks for the chance.

  58. I think it is a combination of things that get me from just browsing to purchasing a pattern. First is how it looks, something has to catch my eye. Then I research the pattern, search for others who have competed the pattern and see their results/tips/reviews. Of course after that is the price of that pattern and how many times I think I will use it.

  59. I follow via Bloglovin’!

  60. Rita aka crescendogal says:

    I look for fresh new ideas in sewing patterns to purchase, recommendations and reviews by others, something professionally put together. I would love to win and try out one of your patterns!

  61. Rita aka crescendogal says:

    Following on facebook! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  62. Keri Lyn says:

    Love your patterns. They are clear, easy to follow, and produce great results.

  63. Keri Lyn says:

    I’m a Facebook follower. 🙂

  64. Subee says:

    I love making bags and your patterns are lovely!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  65. Connie Cain says:

    This is perfect! I have some fabric set aside for just the right purse and I think I may have found it! 🙂 Pictures that really let you see what the pattern is all about is key. And simply written, make no assumptions that we know what we are doing. 🙂

  66. Michelle Enos says:

    I love bag patterns!!!

  67. Connie Cain says:

    I just signed up for your newsletter via e-mail. 🙂

  68. Snow says:

    Lately I’m very into sewing bags, so I’m thrilled to find your blog!

  69. Snow says:

    I buy a pattern that appeals to me. I like lots of detail shots, so I can clearly see what features the item (especially bags) has. Information about size and fabric/notion requirements is also helpful!

  70. Tonia Jeffery says:

    I usually buy patterns when I have a very specific need and can’t find a tutorial that fits it enough.

  71. Melissa says:

    Love your patterns. Thank you for the chance!

  72. Melissa says:

    Instagram follower!

  73. LindaC says:

    Love your patterns – already have ideas for what fabric to use!

  74. Alexis says:

    Beautiful pictures sell me patterns

  75. Alexis says:

    Adding on bloglovin!

  76. Joyce Carter says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I love your bags. I will buy a pattern because of the pictures and the way an item looks.

  77. Love love love your bags. I especially love the Ruck Sack!!

  78. Ariel says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway! To answer the question: All those things. I usually wait to make sure I really want the pattern for at least a month (gives me time to wrap up other crafty things I’m working on), what others have said about the pattern, and how much it will cost. I’ve promised my fiance that I’ll only buy patterns with the money I earn through taking surveys online and such so I’m usually limited to one pattern a month (if not less). I’ve definitely had my eye on the Rucksack pattern for quite a while 🙂

  79. Ariel says:

    Again, thanks for a great giveaway 🙂 I just started following on Twitter (@AimeXAime) and I was already following on BlogLovin’ (@trekkiechick).

  80. Annika says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Would love to win the backpack pattern!

  81. Jen Beatty says:

    Prints used in the pictures is what attracts me 1st, then how can I use it in my life. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  82. Danette says:

    I would love to win a pattern. I often wonder how you anyone can write patterns. I can follow them now, but I doubt I could write one. Thank you,

  83. Danette says:

    Following on bloglovin, plus I signed up for your newsletter. I have purchased tons of bag patterns within the past 5 years or so. I guess I will buy a pattern if it is not too similar to ones I currently have. Although, even similar ones might have something unique that I like. Regardless, I buy a lot of bag patterns. Thank you,

  84. Amber V says:

    Photos and recommendations/reviews sway me the most. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  85. suzanne Daniels says:

    What an awesome giveaway. A bag is actually on my to do list this year. I have yet to make one but I do love the look of the Fairport Purse and Clutch, the Retro Rucksack is super cute too, however, might be a little too much for my first attempt 🙂

  86. Samantha R says:

    I definitely choose a pattern based on photos and price.

  87. Chris says:

    Love your bags! When I pick a pattern, it usually a combination of the pictures and recommendations.

  88. Sarah J. says:

    So happy I found your patterns- I love the size of the Fairport bags (it can be tough to find cute small bags to make!). Thanks!

  89. Liesel says:

    I’m a homeschooling mom of four! Love the things you make.

  90. Ksenia says:

    If I like a pattern I will always first go google images of what other people have made with this pattern. The styled pictures on the cover are always pretty (and slightly misleading sometimes), so I always try to find some real stuff made from the pattern. That’s why I really like it when pattern designers include a link to a makers gallery of sorts right on the product page. Seeing real examples has convinced me to buy patterns more than once recently.

  91. Jen C says:

    Definitely the pictures!

  92. Dawn says:

    Of course I like free patterns so I can spend money on fabric! But I look at the pictures, reviews and the features of the item (pockets, etc). I consider myself an expert seamstress but I sometimes am looking for a pattern that is quick and easy.

  93. Katy M says:

    I always stalk pinterst etc for example of the pattern made up and reviews before I commit to buying one! x

  94. MoeWest says:

    Pictures attract me to a pattern and price helps me make up my mind.

  95. Gill says:

    I love your rucksack pattern!

  96. Gill says:

    Following you on facebook

  97. Laura says:

    Cute patterns!

  98. Laura says:

    Following on instagram!

  99. Amruta says:

    Love your designs

  100. Kristen says:

    I think price and pictures help. If I know there will be pictures to help walk me through the process, that helps. Also, I don’ t want to pay an arm and a leg for a pattern.

  101. Brenda says:

    Really like your new bag pattern — especially the version with pleats in lieu of gathers. But my favorite has to be your retro rucksack pattern!

  102. Brenda says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  103. Mary Ann says:

    I love to find a great designer that I can go back to over and over. I like clear directions and no typos! I know I am a sucker for great pictures and fabric combinations. I am also on a reasonably tight sewing budget so I appreciate patterns that aren’t too expensive and don’t require lots of special notions.

  104. Alyssa says:

    I go on recommendations first, then probably pictures…price figures in, but if I really like a pattern and have heard good things, I’ll make it work!

  105. Julie says:

    Detail pictures are definitely a selling point, and lower price points are always better!

  106. Connie says:

    like the bag and thank you for the giveaway

  107. Bonnie says:

    What great bags! Pictures are a great help in making purchase decisions. I like seeing the item from different angles, including front, back, and interior. Thanks for the giveaway.

  108. Jenny Cha says:

    Pictures! Especially pictures of people of different sizes.

  109. Nicole Sender says:

    Like your patterns and your idea: “Tote Bag Upgrade”is great!

  110. Nicole Sender says:

    Bloglovin follower: Nicole Sender!

  111. Alli says:

    Multiple pictures definitely help me when deciding to buy patterns. I also like professional-looking supply lists/envelope backs. Price doesn’t matter too much — I’m happy when they seem to be a good deal, but I’ll still pay if I really love the pattern. 🙂

  112. Alicia merlino says:

    I buy if I have a plan for it.

  113. Thanks for the chance to win one of your great patterns. I would love the retro rucksack pattern!

  114. Alicia merlino says:

    New follower on Instagram

  115. Ramona says:

    I am usually inspired by pictures, good recommendations and price plays into it to a certain extent. I love when there is versatility in a pattern and that is where the pics. come in.

  116. sylvia says:

    Pretty bags! Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. Lesley says:

    i usually buy a sewing pattern to make a specific item or if I see it made with a review and want to try

  118. Lesley says:

    I like your backpack pAttern

  119. Lesley says:

    I follow on bloglovin

  120. Jayne Willis says:

    I love the rucksack pattern! I’m not a confident bag maker, but this one appeals to me!

  121. Mia J says:

    I love your bags. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  122. Andrea McClare says:

    Lovely bag patterns. They are all great.

  123. Tracie Moore says:

    First, the bag needs to be made of fabric that I like, then good photos. I “need” to see photos of the interior of the bag, too.

  124. Tracie Moore says:

    New follower on IG

  125. Kat says:

    I choose patterns based on the pictures and the description.

  126. Kat says:

    I am a follower on instagram

  127. Mandi says:

    I choose patterns based on uniqueness and price.

  128. Misty S. says:

    The pictures are usually what sell it for me when deciding to buy a pattern. I’m a very visual person and the pictures really help me to consult them when the writing just isn’t quite clicking. Thanks for the giveaway. I love your patterns and what you create with them.

  129. Jordan L says:

    I love your bags! So beautiful!

  130. Misty S. says:

    I follow you on Bloglovin’

  131. Jordan L says:

    I follow you on IG @mylyons86

  132. patty d says:

    i’d love to win a bag pattern

  133. HW says:

    I’d love to win!

  134. Stacie Aho says:

    I don’t tend to buy patterns, but when I do it is because I was charmed by the ingenuity, the pictures, and versatility. And a good price helps, too. 🙂

  135. Stacie Aho says:

    I am a new follower on FB, and surprised I didn’t know about you!

  136. stacy alfano says:

    I love your patterns! Thank you!

  137. stacy alfano says:

    I follow you on Bloglovin!

  138. Pictures and complexity of the pattern. I like to buy patterns which aren’t basic but which also don’t require me to purchase a million and one different notions and pieces of equipment to finish the item. As for pictures, love it when a pattern has lots of pictures showing off different angles of the finished item. 🙂

  139. Joey Phang says:

    Wow, what’s a cool bag! Thanks for the give away. For me, i will buy the tutorial if it have clear wording instruction with the clear pictures! If only have wording instruction it is too boring and i will fall in sleep while reading the instruction. LOL….

  140. Oh, this is a fab igiveaway – I’ve been searching the net for a new bag pattern as I want to ditch the old nappy bag that I’ve been using for the last 4 yrs and move on to something that says Me …not Mum!!!

  141. Emily says:

    I really judge a pattern based on reviews I read by others.

  142. auschick says:

    It’s a bit of all of those things! Reputation, the reviews, if they have a sale, and if I have a plan in mind for it.

  143. auschick says:

    Following on bloglovin

  144. Kate Yates says:

    Hi! I love the look of your bag patterns. When I look at patterns for bags and clothing, the big deciding factors for me are versatility and utility. I try to buy patterns that I’ll be able to use again and again, and to make things I’ll be able to use often. I’ve made some things before because I the pattern was popular, but I don’t use the things I made! I also love good pictures, and find recommendations so helpful!

  145. Kate Yates says:

    I follow you on bloglovin

  146. Holly says:

    I’d say the pictures influence me the most, then price. I wouldn’t say I rely too much on recommendations, though I do like to google and see examples of the finished product.

  147. Katelyn Wells says:

    These are fantastic!

  148. Cindy S. says:

    I usually am attracted to patterns from seeing them on blogs or sewing groups on facebook. So, I guess that would be recommendation, but there are pictures of the finished pattern actually done by a sewist, so pictures too.

  149. Afton says:

    I like beautiful completed project photos, and something that looks like I could manage it. Clear step by step directions with photos or illustrations really help.

  150. Niechelle Wade says:

    Very nice giveaway! 🙂

  151. Andrea S. says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I love your bag patterns. Bags are some of my favorite things to sew because they get used so often!

  152. Dawn Jones says:

    I am new to sewing so usually I look for patterns that look like they would be simple to understand. Have a great day, thank you for the nice giveaway!

  153. Andrea S. says:

    I’ve been following you on Bloglovin for awhile now – thanks for the great content!

  154. Dawn Jones says:

    I follow you on Instagram.

  155. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been wanting to make myself a new bag! I love that pattern!

  156. Jane S says:

    Design is what matters most to me with a pattern, and of course having lots of pictures really helps me to see the design and what can be accomplished with it. I love seeing what other people have made!

    Thanks for the nice giveaway — that Retro Rucksack is great! 🙂

  157. sarah says:

    If it’s one I’m looking for and in my skill level I do a search and check out pictures. Also, detailed description of skills needed is a huge help, theres nothing worse than buying a pattern and realizing I can’t do it without tons of spare time to check out tutorials…

  158. Karin says:

    That retro rucksacks looks great!

  159. Debra Scheibel says:

    Love the bags!

  160. Heather says:

    Pictures and recommendations are always good, but I’m not afraid to try something that might be a bit of unknown.

  161. Heather says:

    I’m a new follower on IG. I’m acreativemama.

  162. Tiffany Smith says:

    I’ve been getting into bags lately. Fashionable accessory, for sure. And better when I’ve made it myself!

  163. Tiffany Smith says:

    Follow on Twitter

  164. Dana says:

    Wow, I need to make myself a new bag- thanks so much for this great giveaway!

  165. Dana says:

    I follow you via bloglovin 🙂

  166. Amber says:

    I haven’t actually ever purchased a sewing pattern, though I’ve certainly seen many I’d love to have! If I had the money to spend, design would be a big consideration – also it bing something I didn’t think I could make on my own without the pattern.

  167. --anu says:

    Usually I buy a pattern when I’ve seen at least one non-designer example of it in the blogosphere. It is the beautiful photos that draw me in. For example, if I were looking to sew a backpack, the ones that I have seen that come to mind are yours and made by rae (totally different style) because I have seen lovely photos of both. Sometimes I buy a pattern because it is on sale and I think I would love to sew it. Somehow it happens that a relatively low percentage of those sale patterns get sewn though. Perhaps since they are not what I have been thinking and googling about.

  168. There are a few reasons I buy a pattern, recommendation is huge. Also is it something I’mactually going to make, is it worth the price and do I absolutely love it

    Mightymadgescloset at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for such a generous opportunity

  169. I follow you on IG

  170. Lorena Rey says:

    Basically the pictures, that way I can know if is what I need or want, and the reviews are always helpful. Well the price is important too, but I base my decision in the pictures
    Thanks for the giveaway
    Lorena x

  171. Lorena Rey says:

    I have been following you on Instagram, blogloving and facebook

  172. MelodyJ says:

    Great patterns.


  173. MelodyJ says:

    Bloglovin follower


  174. Linda says:

    I definitely buy patterns based on the pictures and descriptions available. Some things look too complicated but the description, and sometimes additional pictures of instructions, can convince me that I am up to the challenge and I will go ahead with the purchase.

    If I win, my email is

    p.s. Love those bags!

  175. Niechelle Wade says:

    I follow on Instagram. 🙂

  176. Hayley. says:

    I usually choose based on photos and reviews. Your bags look lovely

  177. Hayley. says:

    Hi! I just started following you on Instagram

  178. cynthia says:

    great bags! love to make several of them

  179. Jodi says:

    For me it is usually recommendation or a release from a pattern designer I already know and love. Most of my trusted pattern designers I have discovered because I was looking for a free pattern/tutorial and once I know their patterns are well written and work I then purchase patterns from them too. A great unique well written free pattern with Tutorial can be a great hook to introduce yourself to new customers.

  180. Linda Pawlak says:

    I LOVE your Retro Rucksack! If I win that would definitely be my choice! Thank you!

  181. Jennifer Blackman says:

    I buy patterns first because of recommendations, but a close second would be the price. I have to pinch every penny right now at my house so a good pattern at a decent price is a must for me.

  182. Jennifer Blackman says:

    I follow you on facebook.

  183. Yana says:

    Love the patterns. If I win here’s my email yana.abdelkhalik at Gmail dot com

  184. Yana says:

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  185. Monique B says:

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  194. I usually pick patterns based on the fabric I have in my stash, the style of the item and if the item is practical (such as…if it’s a purse, I want a firm closure so things don’t fall out or get stolen).

  195. Heather says:

    Love the patterns!

  196. Lixie says:

    I buy patterns based on price and recommendations. Thanks for the giveaway!

  197. BJ says:

    After taking a look at the picture of a pattern, I read comments from others about how well the pattern is written. It also helps to see the pattern sewn in other fabrics. Thanks! spinninglight (at) gmail (dot) com

  198. Amy Cavanagh says:

    The water bottle tote would be perfect for my sister who goes to all my neice’s soccer games!!!

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    I choose a pattern based on a combination of things–if I like the product, reviews, price, pictures. I love the bags you make

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    I choose a bag pattern based on the real pictures, and the materials list. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

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    Honestly it’s always the pictures that first draw me to a pattern. Then the price is definitely a factor but first and foremost I have to see something that looks like I would use it!

  208. Kristin M says:

    I decide on purchasing patterns by all three you listed, pictures, reviews and price!

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    I tend to buy patterns based on pictures – I will check out google images to see what others have done with the pattern. I find that I rarely use a pattern the exact same way more than once – I tend to add extra pockets or change up something.

  232. Sarah B says:

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    For buying a pattern, for a bag it would be do I like it/would I use it, does it have enough pockets inside, is it easy to make by hand, and is it a good price. Thanks for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

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  256. cherie says:

    pictures of finished articles and a tut or the fiddly bits help me out loads as only just learning to sew

  257. Bethanie D says:

    If a project is highly recommended and it falls into the range of Not-so-simple-that-I-could-figure-it-out-myself AND not too complex or fussy, then I will buy the pattern

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    Reasonable prices and photos of the finished product are reasons that I purchase patterns. I like to buy unique or unusual patterns as well as vintage or retro-inspired patterns.

  260. Jennette says:

    Thank you for getting me inspired to start using my creative abilities! What makes me purchase a pattern at this point is mainly the usability of that pattern in my everyday activities. Pictures help me with deciding but recommendations are a plus.

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    Many thanks for the chance to win!

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    I’d say what makes me want a pattern is the picture first and foremost, since that is the very first impression I have of a pattern! And the more pictures, the better!!

  271. Sharlotte Keiser says:

    When I decide on a pattern, I like to see vivid color picture diagrams with detailed instructions. The price then seals the deal. Your patterns are so cute. I love the coastal bag.

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  281. AnnCP says:

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  291. Cyndi says:

    The overall look and features of a pattern are what make me buy them, I put a lot on recommendations too 🙂 love your patterns!

  292. robyn jones says:

    Pictures and price play a large part in deciding to buy a pattern.

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  294. Lori Morton says:

    When I buy patterns, I look for lots of directions…pictures are so helpful…also how easy to understand.

    Loooove your Bags…and thinking the Coaster Bag is a “Gotta Have”!!! lol I am a tola ‘addict’ when it comes to Totes…can NOT have “toooo many”..ever! Love them! giggle….

  295. Sandy y says:

    I think the picture make the pattern The price has something to do with it too. You have some very nice patterns. Thanks

  296. Carla says:

    Pictures of everyone’s versions definitely make me decide to buy a pattern!

  297. Carla says:

    I follow you on IG! I made your waterbottle tote recently and use it regularly!

  298. Nina de Laat says:

    Oh, I’d love to win a pattern of yours! You make such great work :). I’m from the Netherlands and would love to walk around with a bag made with your pattern around here! Good luck to everyone <3

  299. Louise says:

    Mostly the price and the pattern. I can figure most bags out, so for me to buy it, I like it to have a little something that I might not be able to figure out just from looking at it!

  300. Liz says:

    Usually buy a pattern that looks interesting and within my sewing capabilities.

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    I buy a pattern after seeing it featured in a few different ways- like in blog hops, round ups, and I do search hashtags now to see how other people are interpreting patterns.

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  311. I’m usually drawn to patterns by the photos of the finished items, the more variations shown the better

  312. Sarah says:

    I choose patterns based on the design — I like looking at the back of the pattern to see how it’s constructed.

  313. Sarah says:

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  314. tina McOwing says:

    I normally buy patterns if I have a fabric I think will be perfect for it! I always seem to buy the fabric first and figure out what to use it for after. Thanks for the chance to win one of your lovely patterns!

  315. Anke says:

    I buy a pattern if the design is great and the pictures convince me – so I love a lot of pictures with different fabric choices. Sometimes I google the pattern therefore, so I see different examples. If the price is reasonable I buy it then.

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    For me, it’s always the pictures that capture my fancy and lead me to buy a pattern!

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