Butterfly Blouse Dress for Oliver + S

Hooray! It’s finally Spring! As I was sorting and planning my girls’ Spring wardrobes, I realized my youngest daughter could use a couple of dresses. I could have used a pattern I’ve already made, but where’s the fun in that?

As I browsed through the Oliver + S pattern shop, looking for something new to try, I was drawn to the Butterfly Blouse. Those sleeve ruffles and peplum are so sweet. Even though it is a blouse, I thought it could be easily modified to make a dress…

Butterfly Blouse Dress for Oliver + S | Radiant Home Studio Butterfly Blouse Dress for Oliver + S | Radiant Home Studio

The modification was easy! For more photos and instructions for making a dress from the Butterfly Blouse, read the rest of my post over on the Oliver + S blog today.


Sashiko Dress & A Little Update

We’ve been busy buying a house and trying to get moved. The new house is just across town, so we have a few weeks to get things painted and updated before we move in. If my posts are more sparse than usual, now you know why! Hopefully, I’ll be back with renewed creative energy, along with some home and do-it-yourself projects in addition to the sewing posts.

We owned one other home for a short time because it was better than the available rentals. Besides that little duplex, this is the first home we’ve owned and the first space space where I have had complete creative freedom. I hope I can share some of my ideas here as I work to make a cozy, modern, handmade home.

It’s time for another tote bag upgrade post, but between the move and a poorly timed Memorial Day volleyball jammed thumb incident, I’m not really on schedule this month. I’ll have another one soon…

Free Sashiko Pattern Download | Radiant Home Studio

In the mean time, I have a post over at the Oliver + S blog to share with you! Before I injured my thumb, I finished a Sashiko stitched Hide-and-Seek Dress. I’m sharing my process and some tips for adding Sashiko to your kids clothes.

Tessellation Quilt Block | Foundation Paper Piecing | Radiant Home Studio

Also, my paper piecing tutorial was featured in a “new-to-me” digital magazine called Kindred Stitches. The June issue is all about quilting. You can download a free issue on their website, if you would like.


Guest Posts & Updates

Today I have a guest post over at the Oliver + S blog! As part of their series “My favorite Oliver + S Pattern,” I’m sharing why I love the Hopscotch Top and Dress. You’ll also see many of the tops and dresses I’ve made all in one place, so you can see the many variations that can come from one pattern.

Priory Square Hopscotch Dress | Oliver + S |Radiant Home Studio

This month, I’ve had a couple of other guest posts and features. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen them. If not, come follow me there! I share lots of “work in progress” photos, links to my guest posts, inspiring nature pictures, and occasional glimpses of my family.

Earlier this month, I shared my Hexie Hipster Bag on Betz White’s blog. I used a thrifted leather belt for the strap and shared some tips for altering the pattern so that you can do it too.

Hexie Hipster Guest Post | Radiant Home Studio

Finally, I wanted to introduce you to a new (to me) online magazine, called Bustle & Sew. It’s a sweet magazine, managed by a mother and daughter team. Their focus is embroidery, but they also include small sewing projects, interesting articles and techniques, as well as recipes! My quilted sketchbook cover was featured in the March issue of their (free!) online magazine. Definitely check it out if you have a few minutes to soak in some creative inspiration…

Bustle and Sew Guest Post Feature | Radiant Home Studio

Are you beginning to see signs of Spring? We’ve enjoyed some warm days interspersed with the cold, rainy days. The blooms and buds everywhere are inspiring. I hope you are able to experience the beauty of creation and enjoy the creativity of God this week!