Win A Sewing Pattern! It’s Giveaway Day!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve released a new pattern since the last Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day, so this week I’m giving away my new Retro Rucksack pattern to 3 winners! And even if you don’t win a sewing pattern…ALL of you will receive a coupon code for the Retro Rucksack after the giveaway closes!

Retro Rucksack Pattern | Radiant Home Studio

To Enter the Giveaway:

• leave a comment (please include your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win or with your coupon code)

• each person may submit two entries (one comment answering the question, and another comment telling me that you follow on facebook, twitter, or bloglovin)

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• this giveaway is open to international entries

• giveaway starts May 12th at 8am EST and ends May 16th, 8pm EST

• winners will be chosen using a random number generator

• PDF pattern will be e-mailed to the winners

• ALL entries will receive an exclusive coupon code for the Retro Rucksack pattern


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Retro Rucksack Straps | Radiant Home Studio

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Update: The giveaway is now closed. I have chosen the winners using 


The winners are Julia F., Rose D., and Susan M. I will be sending an e-mail to the winners and a coupon code to everyone else! Thanks for participating!

286 thoughts on “Win A Sewing Pattern! It’s Giveaway Day!

  1. nikki says:

    What a gorgeous bag. My daughter would love it.

  2. Katrin says:

    This looks like a great pattern. Thanks!

  3. Joy says:

    I’m always looking for the perfect bag.

  4. charmaine west says:

    Great retro pattern.xx

  5. Cindy says:

    I am always on the lookout for a great overnight type bag that is lined, zips up, and can be worn over the shoulder or with short handles both!). It has to open wide though, so having a zipper that only spans across the top isn’t acceptable, it has to zip part way down the sides as well.

    Love the pattern!

  6. Kelley says:

    I have been looking at this pattern for a while now! thanks for the chance to win! kelleyetg (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. I’m not a very purse-y kind of girl – I’d rather use my pockets. But, especially in summer (love winter coats for the extra pockets!) I just can’t fit it all in my pockets. So I’m constantly on the lookout for a pattern that can hold a paperback book (to read while waiting anywhere really), my phone, keys, and can double as a wallet, or hold a wallet. But not something so over the top that I can fit a beach ball and umbrella stand. Something with the ability to showcase a few favorite fabrics, but is durable (especially on the bottom). And honestly, it looks like the rucksack might fit all that. 😀 So I really hope I win, but if not, it’s going on my “to buy” list.

  8. Kelley says:

    I follow on bloglovin kelleyetg (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Martha Sturgill says:

    I’m constantly looking for the perfect bag. Just started making my own. This bag give-away looks great.

  10. Hannah says:

    I would love to buy a pattern for a classy but functional diaper bag. Something with a bunch of pockets (inside and out), maybe an interior divider, but that doesn’t look super handmade (I’m thinking cool hardware, leather accents maybe).

  11. Audrey says:

    Actually, this could be the pattern I’m looking for…I have a bag that I use right now that’s falling apart, and I’d like to replace it. It converts between a bag and backpack and has about a kajillion pockets so I can attempt to keep my mommy life organized. This is super cute! Thanks!

  12. Kara says:

    This pattern looks adorable – nice work!

  13. Erin says:

    What a great giveaway – I would love to make this bag.

  14. Erin says:

    I follow via bloglovin

  15. rosi w. says:

    I am always on the lookout for more modern bag patterns. I really like the rucksack, thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Stacy says:

    Adorable bag pattern!

  17. Lori Smanski says:

    what a lovely give a way. I have been looking to buy a simple purse pattern that zips up top. Have not looked too hard at this point. I am sewing a quilt for my sons wedding right now.

  18. Lori Smanski says:

    I follow you on FB

  19. Jenni says:

    i would love to give this bag a try. i’ve been wanting to try making a bag for awhile, but find them a bit intimidating 🙂

  20. Felicia says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect backpack that isn’t so backpack-y. I think this is it!

  21. Felicia says:

    I like you on FB 🙂

  22. Marilyn says:

    I would love to find a bag pattern that is a medium to smaller sized bag. Bags are either huge or too small. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  23. I am always on the lookout for a crossbody bag type purse that is large enough to carry my tablet or Kindle without being too bulky. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  24. Desiree Glaze says:

    such a lovely pattern… fingers crossed!

  25. Desiree Glaze says:

    follow on twitter- WeeShare

  26. Linda Pawlak says:

    This bag would be PERFECT to take my crafting stuff on vacation! Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Reagan says:

    What a neat pattern.

  28. Reagan says:

    I follow on feedly (an RSS feeder like Bloglovin)

  29. monica sisk says:

    This is a neat looking pattern. I love sewing bags and pouches.

    just in case: (m3reyna at gmail dot com)

  30. Gina S. says:

    Follow you on Bloglovin

  31. Gina S. says:

    Smaller cross body bags

  32. stefanie says:

    This would be a great bag for me as I am chasing my toddler around in the park! I love the chic design and I would use a mix of denim and canvas to make the bag!

  33. It looks like a great bag. Right now I’m in pursuit of the perfect purse (not too big or small, nice lines).

  34. kaholly says:

    I just love making bags, and when I saw this one, I knew I’d love to win the pattern and give it a try!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. Lynne Tilley says:

    I love to make bags. What great pattern!

  36. Lynne Tilley says:

    I follow on Bloglovin

  37. Mihla says:

    Love patterns for making things that are useful as well as good looking.

  38. Mihla says:

    I follow you on Bloglovin.

  39. Kerry says:

    Oh yes! Please add me to your giveaway! 🙂 Thanks so much!

  40. SonJa says:

    I’ve been hunting a pattern for a Kokka purse I saw a snapshot of on Noodleheads blog…it’s a short tote with funky slip handles and end pockets plus side pockets..I’m totally in love with it….I can’t seem to figure out how to design it, though I’m usually pretty good with figuring out purse patterns…but this one has me miffed completely! Sooooooo many layers, there must be an easier way?
    I love the rucksack pattern too! Your bags are very professional looking.

  41. Stephanie says:

    This looks like a great bag! I’ve been wanting to make a satchel, but part of what my issue may be is finding the hardware. Thanks!

  42. Tasha says:

    I’d love to find a pattern for a BIG momma sun hat!

  43. Shayla Sharp says:

    I have a couple of sisters who would just flip out if I made them one of these ruck sacks!

  44. Allyson says:

    Love love love this pattern!

  45. Allyson says:

    now following on FB 🙂

  46. Leo says:

    patterns that I’m looking for … ehh a dress pattern that actually fits … running shorts … those round bags – a circle left and right the look a bit liek a roll, but are large for travelling ..

  47. Victoria M says:

    I love this pattern. Will it fit a MacBook Pro?
    The pattern I can never find is a stylish tunic sort of garment that can be made of thin wool knit and used over a shirt and skinny jeans. It could be belted and should not be bulky of loo homemade.

  48. Crystal says:

    Awesome pattern!!

  49. Crystal says:

    I’m following via bloglovin!

  50. Jess says:

    I need to find good bag patterns – not tote bags, but more like this and / or like a messenger bag or and / or an overnight bag like someone already mentioned. I have a nice messenger bag, but it has suede and I live in Seattle. I have a cute fabric purse but it’s not a design that works for me.

  51. Jess says:

    And I now follow with bloglovin 🙂

  52. Lysa says:

    Hmm, I’m looking for the perfect summer skirt pattern.

    I’ve covered my bases and follow you on all of the above now!

  53. Patty says:

    The rucksack pattern looks like it would be a great gift for my niece’s graduation gift.

  54. Hayley says:

    I am looking for a small handbag pattern – bigger than a clutch but not too big

  55. Tawny says:

    This bag reminds me of the bag that my husband had and sorely misses. I bet if I made it in masculine colours, it would make a good replacement. Thanks for the chance.

  56. Tawny says:

    I’m a new follower on Bloglovin’

  57. kris says:

    I love the pattern.

  58. Lia says:

    This is a fabulous pattern, I always love bags with lots of zippers. So even if I don’t win anything, a code would be welcome as well 🙂

    Thanks for the chance! xx

  59. Lia says:

    I also just became a new follower via bloglovin 🙂

  60. Julia Floyd says:

    Love that bag!!! ♥

  61. Julia Floyd says:

    Following via Bloglovin’

  62. Margaret says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this–a bag that can convert between shoulder bag and backpack. I’d also love to see a pattern for a smallish backpack that has a water bottle compartment on the outside.

  63. Margaret says:

    I follow via Bloglovin’.

  64. Allison says:

    Really cute little bag!!!!

  65. Lorena Rey says:

    Wow this rucksack pattern is great !!! how I don’t know about it before? I’d love to make one

  66. Lorena Rey says:

    I’m following on bloglovin

  67. Ella says:

    I’m always looking for a good cross body bag.

  68. Margareth says:

    I love sewing bags but I’ve not made a rucksack before. Would like to try out your patterns.

  69. Sandra Timmons says:

    I need a good-looking bag in my life. I really like your pattern and this looks like a keeper to me. Thank you for being a part of Sew Mamma Sew giveaway and giving all of us the chance to win this pattern. Your bag is really beautiful and makes this pattern even more enticing.

    Sandi TImmons

  70. Ashley says:

    I want to make a suit jacket–a nice slim fitting one–for my boyfriend but just can’t seem to find a good pattern. Does anyone out there make patterns for men anymore?

    Sigh. But this bag is awesome!

  71. Sandy says:

    I would love to find a pattern for a bag that would attach to my bicycle, big enough to hold a camera.

  72. Sandy says:

    New follower through Bloglovin.

  73. Sara Soares says:

    I would love to find a good pattern for a small travel/ weekend bag – with the right size and the right amount of pockets to fit the pijamas, just a sew clothes, etc. Thanks for the giveaway! I will sign-up your newsletter so I can get those tester calls!

  74. Sara Soares says:

    I am following on FB and Bloglovin!

  75. Virginia says:

    I follow you via Bloglovin’

  76. Virginia says:

    Can’t think of anything I can’t find on the internet at the moment! 🙂

  77. Libby says:

    This is absolutely fabulous. I’m pinning it to buy in case I don’t win.

    I’m always looking for plus size patterns, patterns made to especially look good on bigger gals !

  78. Rose says:

    I’ve been dying to make a bag.. lovely giveaway.

  79. mariana says:

    what a great giveaway! thanks!

  80. Lisa M says:

    Love the bag! Thanks
    Lisa M

  81. rosa says:

    This bag is just fantastic!

  82. Nicole says:

    That looks really great – I’ve been trying to talk my daughter into a new backpack… maybe she’ll go for this one. Thanks!

  83. Missy says:

    This looks like a completely fantastic bag! I’d love to win a pattern.

  84. Laura says:

    I love this bag pattern!

  85. Laura says:

    I’m a new follower with bloglovin’

  86. Kristin H says:

    I’ve been looking for a nice summer dress pattern that doesn’t use too much fabric and works well for knits. I know it’s out there, but I haven’t found just the right one yet.

  87. This is a really cute bag. Thanks for sharing.

  88. I am now following you on bloglovin.

  89. angie s says:

    this bag is super cute. Really been into making bags lately.

  90. Eliza Brown says:


    I follow you on Bloglovin and I’ve been looking at this pattern for a while now. I have the perfect fabric for it too 🙂

  91. angie s says:

    following on bloglovin!

  92. Michelle N says:

    I would love to find a pattern for a cute little purse with outside pockets to hold my iPhone and keys for easy access.

    This is an awesome bag by the way! I love making bags and I hope I get a chance to make this one!

  93. Mom C says:

    I like the looks of your bag. I’m a sucker for the perfect bag, I’m always looking! Thanks.

  94. jan davis says:

    I love bags, and this looks like a great pattern. I’m posting it to my Pinterest just in case.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  95. Margaret Schindler says:

    Love this bag.

  96. Margaret Schindler says:

    I follow by bloglovin

  97. Susan Mitchell says:

    I would love to find a pattern for a pair of pants that would fit without altering! Ha I don’t think these exist!

  98. Susan Mitchell says:

    I follow on Bloglovin’!

  99. L says:

    I love bags and this one.

  100. L says:

    Ps. I am following you on P

  101. mary says:

    What a cute bag! I’d love to make one for myself now that we’ve grown out of the diaper bag phase!

  102. Jody Herbert says:

    Love the rucksack! A great design. I have been on the lookout for a great swimming bag pattern – something that primary school age kids can easily carry and open themselves. The drawstring bags just don’t work (the kids get tangled up in the drawstrings or I end up carrying their bags!)

  103. WendyMD says:

    I don’t know how to describe the pattern I’m looking for. It’s cross body, and the back part with the flap that folds over the front is actually a long pocket with a zipper. I’ve seen some big brand names/mall stores that have them, I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around how to DIY 🙂

  104. Linda Webster says:

    I love making bags and totes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  105. Susan says:

    I am always looking for a great travel bag. I want my phone,camera, wallet, sunglasses and keys. I have a two zip bag with a pocket, a small cross body with adjustable strap but it doesn’t open wide enough. Just a tiny bit too small.

  106. sarah clemons says:

    liked on FB

  107. sarah clemons says:

    Loving this bag… thanks for the giveaway

  108. Dede says:

    Wow, this bag looks awesome! Thanks so much for a chance at your giveaway!

  109. Dede says:

    I am now also following you via facebook.

  110. Jenna Beegle says:

    I think this may be the pattern I have been looking for! I’m glad to have found you.

  111. Susi says:

    What a wonderful pattern!!!
    I would love a bag that can be big if it needs to be, but small when you just have to carry some little bits around. And it should look great of course and it should allow me to have my hands free, so kind of a cross body bag 🙂 xo

  112. Susi says:

    Following you on bloglovin 🙂

  113. Christy H says:

    I follow on bloglovin.

  114. Christy H says:

    I’ve actually been looking for a bag kinda like this one!

  115. Judith says:

    I’m always on the lookout for bags that are functional for cycling and that also look nice. It’s difficult to find both qualities in the same bag. Your lovely bag looks as if it would fit that description. I really hope that I win a copy of your pattern. Thanks for the chance.

  116. Ahh, my children would love ruckasacks from your pattern. 🙂

  117. Anita says:

    A pattern I would love to sew but can’t find…. hmmm…. well I would say a really good diaper bag pattern that includes a a fold out change pad.

  118. Anita says:

    I am following on bloglovin.

  119. Jordan L says:

    I am always looking for patterns that are, well, more like this one! This bag is gorgeous! I love the retro look and am always looking for flashback styles for bags for myself and for my kiddos!

  120. Jordan L says:

    I follow via bloglovin’

  121. Jo says:

    I love your bag pattern! I would love to find a pattern for a fairly straightforward adult backpack for a man

  122. Jo says:

    I follow with bloglovin

  123. Heather says:

    I love the bag pattern!

  124. What a great bag! I’d love to win this pattern!

  125. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    The bag looks wonderful. I would love to make it.

  126. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    I’m following by Bloglovin, my email is cdahlgren at live dot com

  127. Annette says:

    I’m always looking door patterns for different gymnastic suits for my daughter.

  128. Mary D says:

    That is a really nice bag. So much construction detail in it. I definitely am a bag lover.

  129. Stacy Alfano says:

    I love this bag!!!!

  130. Stacy Alfano says:

    I follow you on Bloglovin!

  131. Janet says:

    I have been looking for a wallet pattern with lots of pockets. Great Bag!

  132. Great bag thanks for chance to win

  133. --anu says:

    I would love a pattern for storing knitting stuff: I have maybe around a dozen douple pointed needle sets and around 15 or so circular needles. I want to store them all in one vessel but separated by sizes and pockets marked for sizes. I have yet to see anythign even remotely suitable and I have been on this quest for oh, around 6-7 years.

  134. Debra Lee says:

    Trying to find some loose tunic dresses!

  135. Colleen says:

    I constantly look for a pattern for a toiletries bag that really works for me. Every one I try either doesn’t hold enough or is so deep little things get lost and bottles fall over. Can’t even buy one that seems to work.

  136. Colleen says:

    Love this bag! I’m a new follower on Bloglovin’

  137. Wendy Hatton says:

    I can’t seem to find a cross body type of bag that sits just right (could be I don’t have the figure for them!) This rucksack pattern looks like an excellent challenge to make.

  138. Wendy Hatton says:

    I am following with Bloglovin

  139. Stephanie says:

    A highwaisted boy short bathing suit bottom!

  140. Diane says:

    What a great bag! Thanks for the chance to win!

  141. Fran says:

    I would love to see a pattern for a backpack with lots of pockets & a few different interior sections. I had a backpack like this years ago & since I started sewing a few years ago I’ve been looking for something similar that I could make with my favourite Echino fabrics. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  142. Fran says:

    I follow you via Bloglovin, thanks.

  143. Heather Long says:

    This bag is awesome and I would love to have the pattern to make it

  144. Lynn Potts says:

    I’m on the lookout for a tote pattern with plenty of shopping room but something that makes the shape a bit quirkier. Not just two retangular straps.

  145. Tabitha Keener says:

    I would love to learn how to make a rucksack. Thanks for the giveaway!

  146. Tabitha Keener says:

    I follow you by bloglovin.

  147. Morgan says:

    I like this bag very much, especially in that pretty tealy colour!
    A pattern that I’d love to buy but can’t find… The pattern for a particular bag that I’ve fallen in love with in real life, I suppose! Or just a really comprehensively written one with proper finishing instructions for a Jansport bag (or something very similar). I took apart a Jansport bag so I could make one, but I’ve gotten better at sewing since then and now can’t find the pattern pieces I drew up :/

  148. Hazel Pepper says:

    Love this bag, and would love to win to get the pattern. I’m still fairly new at this sewing stuff, but I am addicted!

  149. marjolein says:

    what pattern do i look for? the perfect bag, or a perfect shirt (although it must match my less-then-perfect skills).

  150. Sue says:

    Love this bag. I love bags anyways…….and always on the lookout for that perfect bag! Great design !

  151. Audrey says:

    Love this pattern! I’m obsessed with making bags right now, would love to give this one a try!

  152. Karen says:

    Always looking for a good bag pattern and this looks great! I always think tote bags are the way to go but they don’t seem very stylish unless they have pockets and zippers. I tend to make them then after shortly using them, they get donated :). This bag could fit so much and be stylish. Thanks for the chance!

  153. jeifner says:

    I’d like a large bag that is wider than it is tall, with perhaps a divider and many pockets with handles large enough to sling over the shoulder

  154. Patty Howe says:

    I would love to find a “Mary Poppins” type bag. I have been looking everywhere for one.

  155. Patty Howe says:

    I am a new follower on bloglovin.

  156. Kel Price says:

    I love this bag! And I appreciate you using subtle fabric to really let the bag’s design shine. I love bags in general and am always looking for fun new patterns…but sometimes the fabric used in tutorials/pattern pictures can be so busy/loud that it’s hard to really see the actual shape/design.

    But I digress, I would love to see some bag patterns for sturdy medium sized totes that have multiple compartments.

    Thank you!

  157. Jodi R says:

    I have to admit I am yet to think of something I want to make that I haven’t been able to find a pattern/tutorial for or near enough that I could modify it to suit my need.

  158. Amber Hunter says:

    I just started following you on Bloglovin’! Thanks for the giveaway! I love this bag!

  159. Amber Hunter says:

    Most bag patterns I find are rather large. I would just like something that’s smaller but with pockets.

  160. EG says:

    Love this bag!


  161. I was eyeing this pattern last week. I love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  162. Madeline says:

    A timely offer as my shoulder bag died 2 weeks ago!

    dink_kelly at yahoo dot com

  163. stephanie says:

    What a great bag! Thanks

  164. Carolyn says:

    Love this bag and would love to have the pattern.

  165. Gidget says:

    Great pattern!
    I have been looking for a strapless sun dress pattern, haven’t been able to find just the right one yet!

  166. Catrin says:

    This looks like a great pattern! Crossing my fingers here x

  167. Rebecca T says:

    I adore this bag! It would be perfect for summer in a nice linen colored oakshott and some fun print to make it pop!

  168. Rebecca T says:

    I follow on FB

  169. Danette says:

    I’ve found lots of patterns on the internet. Maybe a pillow pattern with a zipper.

  170. Bernie says:

    This will be perfect! Such a great looking bag!

  171. Rachael V says:

    I would love to find a pattern to make a cover for the gazebo on my deck.

  172. Sabra DeCicco says:

    I’d love to give the pattern a try! Thanks!

  173. Trae says:

    I would love to buy a pattern similar to the washi dress for big busted gals. So far, no luck!

  174. Trae says:

    I follow on facebook.

  175. Fantastic pattern — would love to try my hand at it!

  176. Following through bloglovin now!

  177. Stephanie says:

    I still haven’t forgot about this bag. I know I was probably one of the first to comment when you first released it. It has been booked marked on my computer. As soon as I finish with one project and things slow down with my work and kids sports…. I am DIVING into this bag!!

    This is a pattern like no other!!


  178. Erin says:

    I’d love to find a pattern for well fitting underwear and possibly other lingerie if I can find the materials. 🙂

  179. Kathryn says:

    I’m looking for a bag that will hold my Macbook air in a safe way with room for my tablets and my phone and a gadget bag of cables and some crochet work and maybe a spare pair of socks and a lipstick. That isn’t a geeky backpack. I keep dreaming of making websites during the day and bags at night (or vice-versa).

  180. Gill says:

    Great pattern – I’d like a simple tunic pattern with a v-neck

  181. Gill says:

    I liked your FB page!

  182. Amy M says:

    Cool bag – I would love to make this.

  183. Felicia says:

    I can’t find a adult size bean bag pattern

  184. Felicia says:

    Followed on fb

  185. nancy d says:

    What a great bag pattern! For this bag I would overcome my fear of zippers 🙂

  186. nancy d says:

    New follower on Bloglovin! Blame your rucksack pattern 🙂 I really do love it!

  187. Krista Bee says:

    Thank you for a great giveaway!

  188. Krista Bee says:

    I follow via Bloglovin’ Krista Bernal

  189. Jill says:

    I am on the lookout for good summer bag with a wet compartment for swimsuits.

  190. Bonnie says:

    This is such a great giveaway. Thanks so much for sharing. I always struggle with a great purse pattern.

  191. Audrey says:

    I’m a bag lover, this pattern looks great!

  192. I love bags with pockets, lining in a contrasting fabric…. maybe with sparkles so its a happy surprise every time, something durable… and I need the top to zipper. I imagine it as a diaper bag– I need one for two kids and its hard finding what is exactly right.

  193. DebbieK says:

    Nice pattern! Thanks for the chance.

  194. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    Hi! Love that bag pattern! I’m giddy99 (at) yahoo (dot) com!

  195. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    I’m a new follower, following via!

  196. auschick says:

    I am trying to find the perfect diaper bag pattern. I want something big since I carry a ton of crap, ahem, necessities, around with me, but i also don’t want it to be super heavy. I want a shoulder strap that is strong and doesn’t get all shredded up with use over time, and I want the strap connectors to be metal. It needs lots of pockets and probably laminated fabric on the inside.

  197. auschick says:

    following on bloglines

  198. Hayley says:

    Awesome bag. Looking forward to the coupon code

  199. Sarah says:

    This is a pattern I can see myself coming back to over and over again! I love the shape, size and look. Thanks!

  200. Sarah says:

    I follow via bloglovin.

  201. Jenifer says:

    that looks like a great pattern ! 🙂 thanks for the giveaway !

  202. Karrie Smith says:

    Love your pattern!

  203. Karrie Smith says:

    i follow on BL-karrie smith

  204. Jenniffer says:

    What a great bag. Love the pattern

  205. Jenniffer says:

    Follow you on FB

  206. Cindy Weaver says:

    I’m looking for a pattern for and Ood costume! Does anybody have one?

  207. Cindy Weaver says:

    I’m following you on bloglovin

  208. Verónica says:

    I follow on bloglovin

  209. Verónica says:

    Me encanta la mochila, yo me la quiero hacer!

  210. courtney says:

    oh my goodness, i love this bag! how have i never come across your blog before?!?!

  211. courtney says:

    i’m following on bloglovin’ now!!

  212. Tammi says:

    I’m looking for a backpack pattern that I can carry my macbook in and look cool..

  213. Tammi says:

    I follow on bloglovin

  214. Louise says:

    Gorgeous bag…I would love to make this

  215. Louise says:

    Following through bloglovin

  216. Amy C says:

    Ooooh lovely bag – I totally have teh right fabric for it already!! Fingers crossed! amycav at hotmail dot com

  217. Fran Bott says:

    I ike a medium size purse with lots of hiding places and at least one large pocket on the outside for the bus schedules I keepOne day I will find just the right one.

  218. Fran Bott says:

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