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12 Beautiful Fabric Designs for Bags & Purses

When I started formulating ideas and designing sewing patterns over a year ago, I struggled to find fabric designs that I loved in the chain fabric stores. Through my searching, I came across Spoonflower. Designers from anywhere could upload their designs and the options were endless.

My discovery inspired me to try designing my own fabrics, but I wanted to share some of the amazing designs and designers that continue to inspire me. These designers consistently create gorgeous and useable patterns.

I chose a few of my favorite patterns for bags and purses (because that’s what I love to make!), but all of these lovely designs are available in many types of fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, and decals too!

Here are a few of my favorites– 12 Beautiful Fabric Designs for Bags & Purses:

12 Beautiful Fabric Designs for Bags and Purses from Spoonflower Designers | Radiant Home Studio

row 1: hand-drawn chevron by kimsa / snaking around by ottomanbrim / flamingos by demigoutte

row 2: big rosie by jillbyers / onions & peas by pattyryboltdesigns / japanese stars by kimsa

row 3: cestlaviv olive by cest_la_viv / mod aqua triangles by mrshervi / spring has sprung by bethan_janine

row 4: birch trees natural by gollybard / triangle facets cobalt by ravynka / tree print grey by bethan_janine

Where else can you find blue flamingoes, awesome texture, giant roses, modern geometrics, and hand painted designs on canvas and twill?

I imagine these fabrics paired with a solid colored canvas in a coordinating color. Many of the designers also have coordinates available in their shops, so browse through their “collections” to see what else they have made. Think of all the beautiful little zipper pouches, unique tote bags, and awesome backpacks you could sew!

For bag sewing, I highly recommend using the twill. I used my own design, Dotty Field Flowers, in twill for the Retro Rucksack pattern cover. It washes well and the fabric weight is just right for this type of sewing project.

Retro Rucksack | Radiant Home Studio

Do you have any favorite Spoonflower fabric designs? Any that are just waiting to made into an amazing custom bag?