Coastal Tote Pattern Testers Needed

I’ve been busy finishing up my new Coastal Tote pattern. The pattern is written, but I’m still looking for a few people to test the pattern before the pattern release!

Coastal Tote Sewing Pattern | Radiant Home Studio

It’s a large, nautical style tote bag with wrapped rope handles. It has a full-width patch pocket, which is divided into 3 sections and a small zipper pocket to keep your things organized. Carry it as an everyday bag or use it as a pool tote or library book bag.

Coastal Tote Interior | Radiant Home Studio

I’m looking for about a dozen people that:

• are able to complete the project by July 15th
• are able to demonstrate intermediate level sewing skills (a photo of another project…)
• can provide a clear digital photo of the finished bag
• are willing to answer a few questions about the pattern when they finish

Here’s how it works:

Please send me an e-mail (sara (at) radianthomestudio (dot) com) to let me know you are interested. Please include a few sentences about your experiences, and any links to finished projects that you would like me to see.

If you are chosen, I will e-mail you a PDF pattern (for free!) which you will need to download and save.

You sew the bag in the fabric of your choice, and send a photo of your finished bag to me along with any suggestions for improvement.

And I will be very grateful for all of your feedback!

If you are not able to participate this time, but want to be the first to hear about future pattern testing opportunities you can sign-up to receive pattern testing team e-mails. No spam…only opportunities to try my patterns for free.

8 thoughts on “Coastal Tote Pattern Testers Needed

  1. Lindi says:

    I would love to help you!
    D.G. L

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Please send me an e-mail with your experience and I will get back to you! My e-mail is listed in the directions above.

  2. Lorena says:

    woohoo I want to help !!! I already sent you an email.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  3. Daryl says:

    Hello Maria told me about you needing testers from time-to-time. I realize that I cannot test this bag as the time has expired, but please let me know what you have to test in the future as I would like to give it a go and test for you. I have tested bags for Chris W. Designs, Emmaline Bags and a bag and quilts for a local pattern designer friend of mine too.

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you! I will make sure you are on my e-mail list!

  4. Daryl says:

    Oops I had a typo in my email address and just noticed it as I hit publish, lol!!! This one is corrected.

  5. Marilyn says:

    I heard from Maria , who was on your blog tour for the Retro Rucksack, that you needed experienced testers. I test for Christine at Chris W Designs and Janelle at Emmaline Bags and am about to do a blog tour with Sarah at Cozy Nest. I have been sewing for 45 years. I would be happy to be a tester for your next bag.

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you! I’ll make sure I you are on my e-mail list as well!

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