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Field Trip Cargo Pants

The Field Trip Cargo Pants from Oliver +S have been on my sewing list for several months. I’ve had the pattern for a while. It comes with a pattern for a raglan t-shirt, which I used right away. I put the cargo pants off, because I knew it would not be a quick project. They have taken me 3 days of sewing at naptime, plus one late night, but I couldn’t be happier with the finished pants!

Field Trip Cargo Pants | Radiant Home Studio

I highly recommend this pattern! The construction was not nearly as difficult or confusing as I imagined, just time-consuming and detail-oriented. I sewed in shorter time periods, took breaks, and stitched slowly and carefully. I don’t even think I had to pick out any stitches, which is highly unusual…chalk it up to the excellent directions!

Field Trip Cargo Pants | Radiant Home Studio

I used a trouser fabric that I found with the twills at the fabric store. This fabric has a grid, like ripstop nylon, and it seemed perfect for little boy pants. It was easy to work with and worked well with the pattern. I actually enjoyed all of the detailed topstitching. Is that weird? Probably loved it for the same reason I love cutting in when I paint the walls.

Field Trip Cargo Pants | Radiant Home Studio

I did not make any major changes to the pattern. I made a size 5, which was a perfect fit other than the extra 2 in. at the bottom. I didn’t cut the extra fabric off, but just turned up the hem one more time. When he grows 2 in. unexpectedly in the next couple of months, I’ll be able to let down the hem a couple more inches.

Field Trip Cargo Pants | Cargo Pocket | Radiant Home Studio

Though it was more time-consuming, I love how the pants look with all of the different sections and pockets. It really makes the pants look store-bought instead of homemade.

Field Trip Cargo Pants | Waistband | Radiant Home Studio

I used soft flannel for the waistband lining, instead of the thicker outer fabric. I also used flannel as a second layer in the knee section. Adding an extra layer to the knee isn’t in the main part of the directions, but I remember seeing it suggested somewhere. (Can’t remember if it was on the pattern or the Oliver + S blog.) Since the pattern uses a separate piece for the knee section, it’s very easy (and worth the extra effort) to cut out a second layer, sew the darts, and them stack them together to sew as one piece.

Field Trip Cargo Pants | Articulated Knee Lining | Radiant Home Studio

So, Kids Clothes Week, days 4, 5, 6, were spent working on the Field Trip Cargo Pants…and I will definitely be making more!