Strawberry Raglan T-Shirt

I recently bought another Oliver + S pattern to add to my collection. My boys often need slim pants (or trousers, for my British friends…), which can be difficult to find. I chose the Field Trip Cargos and Raglan T-shirt pattern to try making some new clothes for the boys.

The week I received the pattern in the mail, Liesl and her friends started a blog series about the Raglan T-shirt and the many ways it could be modified to sew shirts in different styles. This coincided with the release of a Raglan T-shirt pattern single. Now you can purchase the pattern for the raglan shirt only!

Oliver + S Raglan T shirt | Radiant Home Studio

Inspired by all of the fun modifications, I ended up working on a raglan t-shirt for one of my girls. I used pink and lilac strawberry fabric from the Heather Ross Briar Rose collection, with chocolate colored jersey fabric to contrast.

Oliver + S Raglan T shirt | Radiant Home Studio

This little pocket tried to keep stretching out of place, but I think I learned a few tricks that will speed up the pocket sewing next time.

Sewed the neckband on backwards | Radiant Home Studio

And just to be honest with you guys…I sewed the neckband on backward. Then I carefully picked it out and sewed it on the right way. For those of you that have just started sewing— remember that even if you’ve been sewing for years you’ll still end up picking out stitches and re-doing seams. It’s just part of the process…

You can find some other finished raglan t-shirts in the Oliver + S flickr pool.

And I’m still looking for a few good pattern testers!

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  1. Jenya says:

    What a sweet tee! Love the colour combo 🙂

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