Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 (Celestial Tee and Hosh Pants)

Remember the post I wrote about independent pattern designers a couple of weeks ago? I mentioned a new project called Perfect Pattern Parcel that bundles and sells sewing patterns from indie designers. The pattern bundles are only available for a limited time and part of the proceeds go to an educational charity called Donors Choose.

Perfect Pattern Parcel 2 includes five stylish and modern sewing patterns for girls’ clothes.

Celestial Tee and Hosh Pants | Pattern Parcel #2 | Radiant Home Studio

I was asked to sew at least one of the patterns, but with so many great choices I ended up sewing 2 of them. And I’ll definitely be using the other patterns when I get a chance!

The patterns included in the sale are:

Hanami Top or Dress by Straight Grain
Hosh Pants by LoubeeClothing
Celestial Tee by Figgy’s
September Tunic & Dress by Too Sweets Patterns
Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations

BONUS pattern:
Prefontaine Shorts by Made With Moxie

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

First, I sewed Figgy’s Celestial Tee for my 3 year old. (Maybe because it reminded me of Celestial Seasonings Tea…and I love a good cup of tea!) It was very quick and easy. I managed to finish the whole thing during naptime. And I loved that the printed pattern only used 5 sheets of paper…very little taping!

My girls really need some good neutral pieces to mix and match with their bright patterned little girl clothes, so I chose solid fabrics in basic colors.

Celestial Tee and Hosh Pants | Pattern Parcel #2 | Radiant Home Studio

The only thing I changed was the hemline. I added about an inch in the front and shortened it about an inch in the back. I like the hi-low hemline, but I prefer it to be a little more subtle.

I had plenty of fabric left over and decided to make another for my 7 year old. Since the first shirt came together so quickly, I decided to experiment and add a printed fabric to the upper back.

Celestial Tee  | Pattern Parcel #2 | Radiant Home Studio

The printed fabric is a sturdier knit and worked much better around the neckline. The tissue knit would have looked nicer if I had used a knit stabilizer (which was mentioned in the pattern, and I skipped because I didn’t have any…). I also stretched the second neckline a little tighter than the first. There is plenty of room for the tee to fit around a child’s head, so tightening up the neckline seemed to help keep the shape and structure.

Colorblocked Celestial Tee | Pattern Parcel #2 | Radiant Home Studio

I also decided to make some Hosh Pants by LouBee Clothing for my 3 year old. She really loves her stretch skinny jeans, and the Hosh Pants have a similar fit. I chose a gray stretch denim, which worked very well.

Celestial Tee and Hosh Pants | Pattern Parcel #2  | Radiant Home Studio

She’s between a size 3T and 4T in length, but has a tiny waist. I noticed some of the other finished pants looked loose in the seat, so I chose the smaller size. That was definitely the right call for her.

Her “frave-rite” skinny jeans have back pockets, so I added some little patch pockets as well.

Hosh Pants Pocket | Radiant Home Studio

This bundle is only available for a couple more days, until the 18th! (Individual patterns will still be available from the designers after that…)

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

Be inspired by the many lovely clothes made from these patterns!

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4 thoughts on “Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 (Celestial Tee and Hosh Pants)

  1. Sara, I am loving on these grey Hosh Pants. (I’ve wanted a pair of grey jeans for myself for a while now. ) And the blocked Celestial Tee is so smart looking. <3

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thanks! The grey stretch denim is from Hancock fabrics. It’s pretty decent quality for the price and has just the right amount of stretch. They also have it in red and purple, but I’m not that brave.

  2. Sarah says:

    These came out beautifully!!!

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you Sarah! And thanks for a great pattern!

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