Recommendations from the Handmade with Love Super Bundle

This bundle is no longer available, but you can check Ultimate Bundles to see the bundle sales schedule! You can also purchase the products I’ve mentioned below. I’ve linked to the individual shops.

The Handmade with Love Super Bundle from Ultimate Bundles is live and available through 12/4/17! The bundle includes 200+ patterns, projects, and step-by-step tutorials created by modern designers who know you love to keep your hands busy creating special gifts for the people you love.

Whether you quilt, sew, weave, crochet, embroider or you just love handcrafting in general, you can master new techniques, polish skills you already have, and take advantage of a digital library bursting with projects and inspiration to keep you happily occupied this winter.

There are so many projects, you might find the bundle overwhelming! Don’t be intimidated by the number of projects and patterns included though. The team at Ultimate Bundles hopes to provide a large library of projects so that there is something for everyone. Even if you buy the bundle for 3-4 items, you are getting a great deal and the rest is just icing on the cake!

Honestly, not everything in the bundle excited me, but there were more than enough patterns and courses to make it worth it. (Though, I should tell you, bundle contributors get a free bundle and all links are affiliate links. I have put a great deal of time and planning into telling you about this bundle because I think it’s worth your time and money too!)

Let me show you a few of my favorite things from the Handmade with Love Bundle!

Handmade with Love Bundle Recommendations | Radiant Home Studio

Shibori & Natural Dyeing E-Course – from We Make Collective

These tutorials guide you through the entire dyeing process, from mixing indigo and natural dyes to making projects with your dyed fabrics. There are 10 DIY dyeing projects with gorgeous photos for inspiration. I really wish I had been able to access the resource before my indigo dyeing project this summer!

This website and their courses are new to me, but I have been impressed with the high-quality photos are directions and easy to navigate website. I’ll definitely be trying some more natural fabric dyeing soon, using some of the things I’ve learned from this course. This course alone is $26, so if this course interests you, it’s only a couple of extra dollars for the entire library of patterns!

10 Simple Sewing Projects for the Home – from Hey There Home

This is a really pretty ebook from another new-to-me blogger. The book has a collection of home sewing projects that are very quick & easy—pillows, curtains, napkins, storage baskets, and more.

There are beautiful, modern pictures showing styled spaces with handmade details. I think this is an excellent resource for new homeowners or busy moms to inspire you to create a home filled with stylish handmade items.

Insect Embroidery Pattern Set – from I Heart Stitch Art

Embroidery stitching is such a nice way to slow down and enjoy the creative process! I have taught most of my kids to embroider starting around age 6. It really helps to teach them patience and attention to detail, while also giving them some creative freedom. My boys were really loving the bee and dragonfly patterns in this set. They’ve been begging me to trace a pattern for them!

I used the butterfly pattern to embellish a tote bag this week. I was impressed by the extra details in this pattern that I don’t always see in other embroidery patterns. If you are new to embroidery you’ll pick up some great tips from this pattern.

Handmade with Love Bundle Recommendations | Radiant Home Studio

The Embroidery Project – from Wild Olive

I have used and recommended Wild Olive patterns a few times. This ebook contains lots of small projects that are easy for kids and beginners. There are lots of sweet ideas for gifts that would be quick to make before the holidays. I used a small bird pattern to add a cute detail to a plain baby onesie and it only took about 30 minutes total.

Welcome to Weaving – from Hello Hydrangea

My preteen daughter was particularly excited about this class! I need to buy a few supplies before we can get started, but I might make it a Christmas gift for her and “borrow” the loom. (Don’t tell!!) Like embroidery, weaving seems like a good way to slow down and enjoy the creative process.

We haven’t finished this class yet, but the format is really easy to follow. It’s an ebook with links to each video when you need them. The videos are very professional with detailed instructions. This is a beginner class, so it’s perfect if you want to experiment (or let your kids experiment) with a new craft.

Retro Rucksack & Penfield Pocket Tote

Of course, I must mention my own patterns! I’ve included 2 of my best bag sewing patterns. The Retro Rucksack is a unique bag and is very popular in my shop and the Penfield Pocket Tote is fairly new. Both bags are very versatile, so if you love to sew I’m sure you can find a way to use them! Normally, both patterns would cost $19, so if you’ve been thinking of buying them, grab them now with all of these bonuses!

I’ve bought 2 other ebook bundles from Ultimate Bundles in the past and I can’t tell you how much better their bundles are than anything else I’ve seen. Their website is easy to navigate, ebooks are easy to download, and customer service is quick to respond if you should have any technical difficulties.

The sale ends Dec. 4th and won’t be available after that! I’m always a last minute buyer because I over-analyze all of my purchases…hah! Don’t do that! You’ll miss all the extra bonuses! Do yourself a favor and grab it now while you’re thinking about it. 🙂