6 Ways to Share Your Sewing Projects (No Blog Required!)

I know there are many, many talented sewists and crafters out there that have inspiring projects to share, but no place to share them!

You don’t have to have a blog in order to share your sewing projects with the online crafting community.

6 Ways to ShareYour Sewing Projects (No Blog Required!) | Radiant Home Studio

Here are 6 Ways to Share Your Sewing Projects—No Blog Required!

1. Kollabora –

Kollabora is a fairly new community crafting site, with a clean modern style. You can set up an account in a few minutes and follow all of your favorite makers for inspiration. You can browse projects and patterns, or add your own projects to share with others. The interface is simple to use even for those who aren’t tech savvy. And it only takes a couple of minutes add a new project and share it with everyone.

Kollabora also has a blog to showcase their favorite inspiration. If you take nice clear photos, your creative work may even be featured on the blog or their daily top picks!

Share Your Sewing Projects at Kollabora | Radiant Home Studio

2. Craftsy –

Craftsy also provides a place to share your creative projects, along their pattern shop and online crafting classes. There doesn’t seem to be quite as much activity and commenting at Craftsy, but I have noticed that small craft projects get more attention than apparel sewing projects. Craftsy may be the right fit to share your small sewing and crafting projects, like my Fabric Scrap Bowl.

Craftsy also allows you to upload sewing patterns for free! If you have a great tutorial or pattern that you want to share, but don’t have a blog—Craftsy is the place to try it out without taking any financial risks.

Share your Sewing Projects at Craftsy | Radiant Home Studio

3. BurdaStyle

The BurdaStyle community was the first online sewing community I found and joined several years ago. They seem to have a large international reach and a steady stream of visitors. I find this site a little bit difficult to navigate. If you remember that the “studio” is where your projects go, then you should be able to figure out the rest.

BurdaStyle also has a place to add step-by-step techniques. I often find these coming up in my google searches when I’m looking for a specific technique. If you want to share a tutorial but don’t want to set up a blog, this is the place to add it! You can read and access other people’s projects without an account, but if you sign up you can save projects and techniques, add your own, and comment on your favorite projects.

Share Your Sewing Projects at  BurdaStyle | Radiant Home Studio

4. Flickr Groups

I think everybody knows about Flickr, but did you know that many of the sewing groups are very active? Many of the pattern makers and fabric manufactures and shops have groups where you can share what you made with their products and ideas.

You can add your photos to several groups at a time if they fit. For example, if you make an outfit with an Oliver + S Pattern with fabric from Girl Charlee—add it to both groups!

The screenshot below is from the Bag of the Month Club. Several bag designers set up a 6 month long club with a new bag pattern coming out each month. All participants were welcome to share their finished bags in the flickr group. And bloggers often use flickr to host annual events, like Spring Top Sew-Along and Selfish Sewing Week.

Search the groups for your favorite bloggers, pattern makers, or specific crafts. Some of my other favorites are Wild Olive, Sew Mama Sew, Noodlehead Patterns, and Sew Lisette.

Share Your Sewing Projects with Flickr | Radiant Home Studio

5. Kids Clothes Week –

Kids Clothes Week is a quarterly sewing event to encourage moms to sew for their kids. If you love sewing kids clothes, you’ll definitely want to share your sewing projects here. You can sign up for an account quickly and share your photos privately.

They also keep a blog with inspiring ideas for sewing kids clothes. Clear photos of beautiful projects may also be featured here. When you upload your photos, you can choose to allow them to be featured or check the box to share them only with other members.

Share Your Sewing Projects at Kids Clothes Week | Radiant Home Studio

6. Google+ Communities –

Google+ has several active sewing communities with thousands of members. There are also specific groups for other crafts, such as embroidery, knitting, and drawing.

As with flickr, just search for a broad category like “sewing”, or search for your favorite shops or brands and share with them.

Share Your Sewing Projects with G+ | Radiant Home Studio

You don’t need a blog to share your sewing projects! I love that there are so many options to share creative projects and ideas. Each place has it’s own unique community, so look around and find a place that inspires you—then share your sewing projects to inspire us!

Where do you share your sewing projects?

2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Share Your Sewing Projects (No Blog Required!)

  1. Amy Mayen says:

    Pinterest, of course! Great list, love this post!!

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thanks! Yes, I suppose I didn’t think of Pinterest for non-bloggers, since I tend to think of it as a place to share blog content. There is the option to upload your own photos though, so if the photo doesn’t need much explanation Pinterest is a good option.

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