Pillowcase Dress…with Love from her Sister

My oldest daughter (she’s 7) has been watching me sew for her whole life. I began teaching her to use the sewing machine about a year ago, and her skills have been improving all year. This week she made another pillowcase dress!

This year her skills went from confusion and crazy seam allowances to understanding and straight, even seams. She has learned how to make a french seam and add armhole bindings.

Pillowcase Dress | Radiant Home Studio

She takes great joy in making gifts for anyone she meets. We have always encouraged the gift-giving, but I love that her gifts have evolved from scribbles on paper, to paper cards with stitching, to little embroidery projects, and now dresses!

We made several pillowcase dresses for a Spoonflower charity event a few months ago. When we started talking about making a gift for her sister, I knew that would be a project she could do (mostly) on her own and that her sister would thrilled to receive.

Pillowcase Dress | Radiant Home Studio

We chose these pretty quilting cottons by Denise Schmidt from JoAnn Fabrics. My daughter did all of the stitching, with a little bit of help around the armhole curves. And I also helped with all of the ironing.

Pillowcase Dress | Radiant Home Studio

So, I just wanted to share her pretty little dress and encourage you to let your kids sew with you! You might be surprised at how quickly they catch on!

4 thoughts on “Pillowcase Dress…with Love from her Sister

  1. Janet says:

    She did such a great job! I bet you both are proud.

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thanks! I know that the little one will be telling everyone her sister made it for her too 🙂

  2. Denise says:

    How wonderful! I am getting all my machines out next week to teach Kylie, the neighbor girls and their mom and grandma how to sew! I thought we’d start with quilt squares. Your fabrics are so sweet! Have you done any quilting?

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      It really helps that she has watched me sew for so long. I have tried working with other girls whose moms don’t sew and it does take a bit longer for them to catch on. Quilting is on my list of things to do. I’ve done a baby quilt and pieced the top of some duvet covers. Somehow it seems like such a huge project, but I just won a book of quick quilts that I’d like to try. I’d like to get some English paper piecing going too, so I have some hand work to do sometimes. I remember doing some sewing projects with you when we were little. We made some velvet and plaid heart shaped ornaments with buttons on them!

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