Another Finished Water Bottle Tote

I’ve been frantically sewing some Water Bottle Totes as Christmas gifts! Here are a few photos of another Water Bottle Tote I finished making today :

Teal Water Bottle Tote Close-up | Radiant Home Studio

Divided Tote Bag | Radiant Home Studio

Divided Tote Bag | Water Bottle Tote | Radiant Home Studio

Water Bottle Tote Interior | Radiant Home Studio

The Water Bottle Tote sewing pattern is available here!

Hope your Christmas celebration was filled with joy! Did you receive any handmade gifts?

3 thoughts on “Another Finished Water Bottle Tote

  1. Andrea says:

    Great idea for footy mums! I got a great pixie hat and a felted budgie bag, bought but from handmade retailers.

  2. Now this is a fantastic idea! My family could definitely use something like this, with all our road trips (we live an hour away from many, many things 😉 And we’d use it allll summer.

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