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20 Best Sashiko Embroidery Tutorials & Projects

Sashiko Embroidery Tutorials and Projects | Radiant Home Studio

Recently I finished sewing a Zsayla blouse. It had a large yoke, perfect for embroidery. I looked at several beautiful embroidery patterns, but I really wanted something simple and clean. I had a seen a few Sashiko projects and decided to try this method of embroidery for my blouse.

Sashiko Enbroidery Tutorials and Projects | Radiant Home Studio
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While I was working on learning the techniques for myself, I gathered a list of the best Sashiko embroidery tutorials and lessons, including some video instruction. I also listed several Sashiko projects for inspiration, a few free patterns, and some ideas for making your own patterns.


Purl Bee Sashiko Embroidery Tutorials | Radiant Home Studio

The Purl Bee has a detailed Sashiko tutorial showing the right types of thread and needles up close. They also sell preprinted starter kits.

This Sashiko Tutorial method shows you how to trace your pattern onto interfacing. This is the method I used for my Zsayla blouse.

This helpful list of Sashiko do’s and don’ts teaches you how to stitch at corners and intersections.

This Sashiko lesson is filled with helpful tips, design ideas, and instructions for transferring designs with tailor’s chalk.

Make your own Sashiko designs with graph paper or dot matrix paper, then learn how to transfer it to your fabric with this Sashiko tutorial video.

My tips for adding Sashiko embroidery to a Zsayla top, using lightweight interfacing to transfer the design (below).

Sashiko Embroidery Tutorials and Projects | Radiant Home Studio

This video gives a quick demonstration on how to stitch a Sashiko design with your sewing machine. If you just like the geometric designs and want to add embellishment more quickly, this might be a good method for you.

Melissa’s tips for adding Sashiko embroidery to a knit blouse using interfacing to transfer the design.

Project Ideas:

This patchwork denim clutch with Sashiko stitching is gorgeous and fun! It looks like a great way to use up denim scraps.

I love these simple linen reversible Sashiko Placemats on the Purl Bee blog. They would make a beautiful modern, handmade addition to your table.

And a Colorful Sashiko Pillow, also at the Purl Bee, shows you how to add a bright and fun twist to the traditional Sashiko stitching.

There are a few Sashiko cloud pattern ideas in this blog post, including placemats and embellishment on a chambray dress.

Sashiko Embroidery Flickr Pool Screenshot | Radiant Home Studio

There is a Sashiko Flickr group filled with beautiful projects to inspire you! This makes me want to add Sashiko stitching to everything…

Sashiko Embroidery Tutorials |Lampshade via WildOlive | Radiant Home Studio

Speaking of adding it to everything—how about this Sashiko embroidered lampshade made by Mollie at Wild Olive?

Check out this Sashiko Pinterest board that is filled with more inspiration and links. Or just search for Sashiko boards on Pinterest— there are dozens!

I can’t leave out a this beautiful tote with Sashiko bag handles!

Sashiko Embroidery Tutorials Quilt Patterns |Courtesy of Wikimedia | Radiant Home Studio

Look at the variety of patterns in this Sashiko sampler quilt!

Free Sashiko Patterns:

Update: Download a free clamshell Sashiko design that I created for an Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Dress

Free Sashiko Pattern Download | Radiant Home Studio

Here are 8 free Sashiko designs — you have to click through the slideshow, right click, and save the image.

There several Sashiko designs here, available in a variety of sizes and formats.

Small Sashiko Embroidery Cloud Pattern | via Craftsy | Radiant Home Studio

There is a simple Sashiko cloud pattern on Craftsy.

Or you can use graph paper to make your own patterns. There are several simple geometric ideas that you can easily draw and use for any project.

Recommended Tools & Resources:

20 Best Sashiko Tutorials & Projects | Radiant Home Studio

Simple Sashiko: 8 Sashiko Sewing Projects for the Modern Home is a beautiful, minimal, modern book of Sashiko projects.

The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook has extremely high ratings and great reviews. It looks like the go-to guide for Sashiko.

Sashiko needles & Sashiko thread (I used both of these items for my projects.)

Sashiko sampler kit would make a great gift!

Feel free to link up any other helpful tutorials or inspiring projects in the comments. Happy Stitching!

19 thoughts on “20 Best Sashiko Embroidery Tutorials & Projects

  1. Claire says:

    This is a great post. Thanks for the links too. Love your top – the embroidery looks very professional.

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you Claire!

  2. Jill says:

    Very stylish yoke on your dress! Lovely ?

  3. I really want to try Sashiko, and am so grateful that you’ve gathered all these great tutorials in one place! Thanks so much!

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      You are welcome! Thanks for stopping to comment!

  4. Jenya says:

    Your blouse looks stunning with this beautiful detail, so is the dress.

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you! I wish I wore it more, but I’m always afraid that it will be ruined by dirty kids, food splatters, and art supplies!

  5. Annie says:

    What a wonderful, inspiring, and informative site for Sashiko, thank you,!

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you! I hope you will be able to make something with the information.

  6. benu says:

    thanks for the post and consolidating all the resources here at one place … i must also add your work is stunning …

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you so much!

  7. vicki says:

    The eight free designs are impossible to access, nowhere does it say “download” even though it talks about it all through the pages, I’ve spent so much time and have nothing, I’m so frustrated.

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Hi Vicki,
      Sorry you spent so much time trying to figure it out. I mentioned it briefly in the description, but you have to click through the slideshow and right click on each image. When the menu comes up, click “download Linked file”. Then check your download folder and it should be there!

  8. Shampa Chatterjee says:

    This is absolutely a very new technique that I have come across–thanks a lot; I just can’t wait to try the technique.

  9. Stacey says:

    This is a great post…the really hilarious part is that I am making the Cinema dress right now-the adult version of the Hide and Seek dress- and I wanted to add some embellishment to it. I accidentally discovered sashiko on Pinterest, which led me to your blog…wherein I saw EXACTLY what I want to do!

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Ooh. That sounds beautiful! Please stop back and send me a link to your picture when you finish. I’d love to see it!

  10. Maureen V R says:

    Oh dear. Something else to try out. I love the patterns. I was criticised at an embroidery course I went on because I seemed to be hooked on patterns – not free enough she said. I shall certainly be trying this at sometime..

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Everyone has their own style! Definitely give it a try 🙂

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