Introducing the Flower City Potholders Sewing Pattern

It’s been a while, but today I’m introducing a new sewing pattern! The Flower City Potholders sewing pattern is a simple and modern potholder set for your kitchen. It includes a basic square potholder with a pocket, a long double-pocket potholder for casserole dishes, and a stylish oven mitt.

Flower City Potholders | Modern Potholder Sewing Pattern | DIY Hot Pads and Oven Mitt | Radiant Home Studio

You may be wondering, why a potholder pattern when there are so many freebies out there? Last year, when I looked for a simple potholder pattern with clear directions, I struggled to find something modern and quick, that also including great instructions and safety information. I created a free tutorial for the square potholder and it quickly became one of my most popular posts ever.

In the Flower City Potholders pattern, I streamlined the instructions, created diagrams, and added the coordinating oven mitt and double-pocket potholder. I’ve updated the binding technique and instructions to simplify the sewing process for beginners.

Flower City Potholders | DIY Sewing Pattern for Kitchen | Radiant Home Studio

Personally, I think it’s nice to actually use the items I make for my home. I wanted something easy to make, so I didn’t mind getting them dirty and making new ones, while still adding a beautiful handmade touch to my home.

While the freebie potholder pattern is still good, I know you’ll appreciate the printable pattern pieces, including alignment notches and quilting lines, as well as the step-by-step illustrations and coordinating designs.

In addition, the pattern includes bonus instructions for making your own bias binding from a fat quarter and instructions for patchwork piecing sections of the potholders. 

These make beautiful & practical housewarming gifts for your friends, so please make some and share them!

You may also use the pattern to make and sell potholders for craft fairs and home-based business. 

Read more about the Flower City Potholder pattern and purchase it here. 

7 thoughts on “Introducing the Flower City Potholders Sewing Pattern

  1. Rita Palfreyman says:

    The best site I have ever found an inspiration for us all thank you. Ever person I buy Xmas gift for this year they are all home made either sewing Silver or beaded item. Your designs are beautiful thank you very much

  2. Linda Thompson says:

    Sara, are the patterns man size? Will they fit a mans hand?

    1. Sara says:

      The oven mitt is loose enough on my hand that I think it will be fine. One of my testers said she would prefer smaller. You might possibly extend the length, but that would be a simple adjustment. Finished size is about 6” x 12”.

      1. Linda Thompson says:

        The mitten potholder is the only one I see difficult in making larger than the pattern offered with the thumb. My new nephews have enjoyed the plain square one with the hand pocket with my enlargement…they think I am such a super Auntie. So, I know they would go crazy if I could give them a generous mitten. 6 inches would still take time to put on. I guess I’m thinking a man size as well as the ladies size.

        1. Sara says:

          I had my husband try it on. He’s average size and had plenty of room to use it. If you were making it for a very large man, you could always print it at 115% to make it about 7″ wide and 13 3/4″ long. That will scale the whole pattern. You need to adjust the seam allowances 115% too, to about .6″.

  3. I seriously need some new mits, so I think this will be my Christmas break project

    1. Sara says:

      Awesome! Can’t wait to see them!

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