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Pete the Pirate Bear

Do you follow Abby Glassenberg? She designs cute softie patterns, writes craft books, and shares business advice for creative business owners. She also has a fun podcast filled with interviews and recommendations from makers, artists and small business owners.

My crafty girl started brainstorming ideas for her brother’s birthday weeks ahead of time. She mentioned something about how he loves pirates and bears…and maybe we could make a “pirate bear.” I immediately thought of Abby’s pattern for “Pete the Bear”.

Pete The Pirate Bear | Radiant Home Studio

It’s a free pattern, with a very simple design. I thought it would be just the right amount of challenge for my daughter who is just beginning to sew on her own and follow patterns.

Pete the Bear Pattern by Abby Glassenberg

photo courtesy of Abby Glassenberg

Just as we were getting started, she fell off a swing and broke both of her wrists! Sweet little giver that she is, she was more worried about her present than her wrists. I finished the project for her, under her creative direction. Pete the Pirate Bear was a favorite, and the children all laughed hysterically at our silly gift.

Pete The Pirate Bear | Radiant Home Studio

We used some leftover brown minky fabric for the body, and felt for the face. To make Pete look like a pirate, I cut out a quarter of a bandana, folded it diagonally, and marked where I wanted the ear holes. I used long button holes to finish the edges of the ear holes and then tied a knot on the back. The eye patch is black felt and thin black elastic. His shirt is basically two squares with openings for the arms and head. I layered some striped cotton fabric over a slightly stretchy sweatshirt fleece, and left the raw edges unfinished (since pirates aren’t really known for looking neat and tidy).

And here are Pete and his new owner trying to attack me with a stick sword…

Pete the Pirate Bear | Radiant Home Studio

10 thoughts on “Pete the Pirate Bear

  1. Yay! He turned out so cute. I love your pirate Pete!

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thanks Abby! Happy to recommend your pattern 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    What a great pirate you made. this town is a little crazy with pirates. He would fit in fine here. :}

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you! Our neighborhood kids are always playing pirates…

  3. Maria says:

    Ahhhhh he’s so cute.

  4. lisa says:

    Thank you. My hubby loves pirates and bears. Perfect for Christmas.

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