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Embroidered Fabric Envelopes

Today I’m participating in Free Pattern Friday with Mae&K. Every Friday, they share something they made using a free pattern and invite other bloggers to join them. There’s also a link-up so you can share any projects you’ve made from a free pattern – any pattern, not just this one!

Embroidered Fabric Envelope | Free Pattern Friday | Radiant Home Studio

This week’s pattern is the Envelope Clutch by See Kate Sew. I love the idea of fabric envelopes, but I knew a small clutch purse would be impractical for me and all of my mom gear. I decided to shrink the pattern down to make mini embroidered fabric envelopes that are just right for holding jewelry.

Embroidered Fabric Envelope | Free Pattern Friday | Radiant Home Studio

I printed the pattern at 50% of its original size. This doesn’t work with all patterns, but for simple one piece pattern like this, you can use the print scaling to adjust the size. You’ll also want to scale the seam allowance. Kate’s instructions are to use a 3/8″ seam allowance, so I used a scant 1/4″ seam allowance on my mini envelopes.

Embroidered Fabric Envelope | Free Pattern Friday | Radiant Home Studio

I used linen fabric for the outer envelope and also applied some medium weight fusible interfacing to it. The inside fabrics are quilting cotton (2 are Juliana Horner prints from JoAnn Fabrics, and the other is one I’ve had for a couple of years). The pearl buttons were salvaged from a thrifted lace dress (the one that I upcycled to make a skirt for my daughter).

Embroidered Fabric Envelope | Free Pattern Friday | Radiant Home Studio

I thought these would make pretty Valentine’s Day gifts for my girls, so I decided to add some embroidery to personalize them. I didn’t really plan out the stitching at all. I had some ideas, but I wanted the embroidery to look organic and sketchy. The lines aren’t straight and the stitching isn’t even, and that’s the look I wanted.

Embroidered Fabric Envelope | Free Pattern Friday | Radiant Home Studio

I think the small size paired with a cute pair of earrings would make a really thoughtful gift for a friend! Without the embroidery, I would have finished all three envelopes in an hour. Overall the pattern is simple, the sewing time is short, and the smaller size is great for using up small bits of fabric. Besides embroidery, you could embellish the clutch with lace, pretty buttons, or textured fabric. It’s a fun pattern to use to try out some new ideas.

Visit Mae & K to see Maegen’s Envelope Clutch and see the details of her Envelope Clutch:

Free Pattern Friday Envelope Clutch | Mae & K | Radiant Home Studio

I’ve also linked to the gift wrapping ideas post at Threading My Way, Women with Intention, Sew Can She, and the Raising Homemakers link-up.

20 thoughts on “Embroidered Fabric Envelopes

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! Your idea of decreasing the pattern was great! A nice gift as well!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love how these turned out!

  3. What a BEAUTIFUl way to wrap a gift, Sara!!! I’m always on the lookout for unique ways to wrap gifts, where the wrapping is actually part of the present. These might work for gift vouchers, rather than a plain envelope. Pinning for future reference. I’d love you to add these to the Ongoing Gift Wrapping link party at ‘Threading My Way’…

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you! I will add my link.

      1. Hi Sara, I’ve featured your fab fabric envelopes today…

        1. Sara Curtis says:

          Thank you so much Pam! I really appreciate it!

  4. WOW, Sara! What an amazing project. This would make such a lovely gift bag for jewellery. I’m in love!

    Thanks for sharing this post over at the Ladies Collective Linkup! Sure hope you’ll be back this Wednesday to share what else you’ve been working on!

    Stephanie @

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thanks Stephanie! I just found your link up today. I’ll keep it in mind for the posts that are related. 🙂

  5. Karen says:

    Those are so cute! Those would be great gifts for my nieces. Found you on the Women With Intention Link-Up.

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you Karen! I’m glad you stopped by!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    These are adorable! Pinning now!

    *Home of “Tuesday Talk” And “Pincrazy Thursdays”

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you Elizabeth! I appreciate you sharing them!

  7. I’m featuring you tomorrow at Women With Intention Wednesdays! 🙂 Love this project! Looking forward to what you will share this week! 🙂

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you so much Jenny!

  8. Charlotte says:

    These are so beautiful. Love them!

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you Charlotte!

  9. I love these envelopes! They’re so pretty, and I think I just have a thing for crafted envelopes! Anyhoo… I’m pinning these. I may make my own soon. 🙂

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thanks for sharing them T’onna!

  10. Those are amazing! I love them! 🙂 Lisa

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