The Fairport Purse & Pouch Sewing Pattern

Today I’m releasing a new pattern! It’s the Fairport Purse & Pouch.

fairport single cover 650

This bag has a lot of fun options! It comes in two sizes. The smaller size is about 8 1/2″ and it’s just right for cosmetics or as a small clutch. The larger size measures 11 1/2″ across which works well as a small purse or larger clutch.

You can choose from 3 closure options; an interior snap, a zipper, or a snap tab. The interior snap provided a simple option for less experienced sewists and it’s perfect if you just want a quick project. You can choose a zipper if you want to keep everything securely inside the purse or pouch. The snap tab is a great way to add some extra style to the bag. And if you are really ambitious, you can combine the snap tab and zipper options!

Fairport Purse & Pouch Pattern | Radiant Home Studio

You also get to choose from 2 strap options, or you can leave it off for a simple pouch or clutch style purse. The wrist strap is a simple addition and only requires a small d-ring. If you want to make a full-sized purse, add the stylish strap with modern grommet detail!

Fairport Purse & Pouch Pattern | Radiant Home Studio

If all the options sound confusing, let me assure you that the testers found the pattern easy to navigate. I recommend that you read through all of the instructions before beginning. I have organized the pattern so that you can easily skip to the next section when you come to an option you aren’t using. The step numbers for each option are provided in several places throughout the pattern to guide you through the process without confusion.

Fairport Purse & Pouch Pattern | Radiant Home Studio

This pattern also contains an appendix with detailed instructions for applying grommets. If you have never tried them before, I encourage you to try something new! Grommets and eyelets add a lot of fun. Practice a couple on some scraps and you’ll be hooked!

Fairport Purse & Pouch Sample Pattern Pages | Radiant Home Studio

If you have never used my patterns before, let me tell you what to expect. My goal is to provide clear directions for the construction of your bag without getting bogged down in extraneous details. I provide helpful tips for dealing with fabrics and hardware throughout the pattern. I use professional illustrations, supplemented with high-quality photos when clarification is needed. There are also hyperlinks embedded in the file for tutorials with extra photos (like this one for applying magnetic snaps). And if you need extra help, just send me an e-mail and I’ll walk you through it!

Click here to purchase the Fairport Purse & Pouch pattern!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Awesome! This looks amazing!

  2. Veronica says:

    Love both bags! Such unique, fresh looks.

  3. Krista says:

    I love the name you chose for this design! And the hardware! 🙂


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