Hopscotch Tank with Waistband

Day 3 of Kids Clothes Week

The Oliver + S Hopscotch top is one of my most used patterns. I shared one with a scoop neck modification a few months ago, and I made another long-sleeved version from this same bird fabric for Kids Clothes week last year sometime. Both have been worn, and worn-out!

Hopscotch Top  Radiant Home Studio

I loved the black and gray bird fabric (from Girl Charlee again), and had just enough left to squeeze a little hopscotch tank top out of it. I used the Hopscotch top pattern, with my scoop neck modification. I also added a waistband as I did in the original long-sleeved top.

Hopscotch Top for Kids Clothes Week | Radiant Home Studio

I took a couple photos of the waistband sewing process to give you a better idea of what I did. I made the top in a size 5, and cut my waistband 20 x 6 (with the stretch going across the 20 in. length). Depending on the stretch of your fabric and the size of your child, you can adjust the length by stretching it around their waist. It’s not really an exact science. The stretch is forgiving.

Stretch Knit Waistband | Radiant Home Studio

With right sides together, match the 6 in. ends and stitch to form a loop. Fold the loop in half, right sides together, matching the raw edges of the longer sides. Press to form a crease.

Stretch Knit Waistband | Radiant Home Studio

Pin the raw edges to the right side of the bottom edge of the shirt. With pins, mark four evenly spaced sections. Match the pins to the center front, center back, and each of the side seams.

Sewing a Stretch Knit Waistband | Radiant Home Studio

In the photo, I have the shirt inside out. I matched the waistband seam to the center back of the shirt, and opposite the waistband seam to the center front of the shirt. Midway between those I matched the waistband with the side seams. The shirt will be gapping between the pins. When you stitch, just stretch the waistband as you stitch to match the shirt edge. The bottom edge of the shirt will form little gathers where it meets the waistband.

Hopscotch Top for Kids Clothes Week | Radiant Home Studio

I really like finishing the bottom of the shirt with this method. If your knit hems don’t turn out as nice as you would like, try adding a waistband like this. Mistakes are hidden in the gathering and there is no topstitching or weird stretching visible.

What are you making for Kids Clothes Week?

6 thoughts on “Hopscotch Tank with Waistband

  1. This top is so cute! What a great idea to add the waistband! Thank you for mentioning us.

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thanks! No problem 🙂

  2. Such a super cute tank! It looks perfect on her.

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thank you Rachel!

  3. Great technique for the bottom hem! Thanks for sharing your tips! Such a cute top!

    1. Sara Curtis says:

      Thanks for commenting! I love this quick and easy method for attaching a waistband and I hope you can use it!

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